Mini break in Stratford Upon Avon

I think I should probably  rename this blog, “That time we pretended we had gone back in time to the Tudor times…”

Is it just me that finds the months of January and February really depressing?!

Seriously, I feel as though they are the two months of the year that are the darkest and gloomiest. Who really wants to get out of bed in the cold and dark? Not this girl!

Anyways, since me and the boyf (yeah I just used that abbreviation) both had a week off, we decided we’d throw caution to the wind and book a little UK break somewhere. We decided on Stratford Upon Avon as we it wasn’t too much of a hassle to get to via train and also, because I am a massive Shakespeare lover so it was about time I went  and paid a visit the land the famous writer was from!

With us still doing the house up we were quite strapped for cash so it had to be a real ‘budget break’ in certain ways, so we just booked the good ole Travelodge for our accommodation although next time we pay a visit we will definitely be booking into one of the more gorgeous old fashioned hotels that are scattered all over the centre of the town. In terms, of a good quality cheap and cheerful hotel, Travelodge has everything you could want (and at £60 a night we were laughing), it was only a ten minute walk from the city centre attractions and really close to the shops so it was a win win for us.

On the first day we got there, we had a bit of time to kill before we could check in so we went for a nice long walk along the river and ended up visiting the church were Shakespeare is buried. I discovered two things on this walk, 1, I really didn’t need to bring my walking shoes as Stratford is not as ‘country’ as I thought and 2, Shakespeare was a proper short guy!

In the night we just headed to a cute thatch roofed pub for some good old fashioned pub grub! I tried an open pie, which is a bit like a quiche only fancier and loved it! Gotta try new things you know!

The next day, we decided to be really good tourists and went to check out all the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust sites. Of course we had to have brunch first! We went to one of my fave brunchy  restaurants  that we discovered two years ago when we were in Salisbury for Valentines Weekend. It’s called Boston Tea Party, and my ultimate breakfast choice is the Sweetcorn Hash. It’s beaut!

We got the Full Story tickets which were brilliant value for money at £20.25 per adult as it meant we could go see all five of the sites and have still access to go again for the next 12 months. That means another trip to Stratford could be on the cards! 😉

I loved seeing all the historical buildings, they were so dreamy. I really felt like I was back in time, just hanging with Shakespeare and Co! The Birthplace Trust really do look after the sites and are very welcoming to all visitors. I think they do a brilliant job in maintaining the history and home of such a well loved national treasure. It’s so important for future generations aaannd I’ve just realised how preachy I sound so I’m gonna stop the Shakespeare preaching right now!

We did as many of the sites as we could do before they shut. Choosing to end the day at Halls Croft, the home of Shakespeare’s daughter and her doctor husband with a scone and slice of Victoria Sponge. It was bloody lovely! I absolutely loved Hall’s Croft as it was the sort of old country building that had beautiful plants growing on the side of it. It kinda reminded me of Belle’s house in Beauty and The Beast. Damn, I love a place that makes me sing Disney songs.

We decided to leave Anne Hathaway’s Cottage until the last day, thinking it’d be rather nice to do the home of Shakespeare’s true love and where his own love story blossomed on Valentine’s Day, not that we’re an overly romantic couple of anything like that! The cottage had hundreds of years of history and still had a descendant of Shakespeare’s living in it right up until the 1900’s! Afterward, we headed over to the cafe and tried a bowl of Pottage with a Tudor Roll. Pottage is basically boiled veg in a broth and apparently they would have eaten a lot of it back in the day!

To finish our little break we made a stop to the Royal Shakespeare Company and watched their production of Twelfth Night, Adrian Edmondson and Kara Tointon both starred in it and were absolutely fantastic. It was a mixture of funny and sad in places and I personally think it’s a play that shows off all of Shakespeare’s true writing genius.

After that, we headed back on the train home. Both tired and rejuvenated from a lovely few days! As a writer myself, I left feeling truly inspired and motivated for the next stage of my writing career. Now, I just need to finish that bloody script I’m working on!

Disclaimer: This blog was not sponsored or paid for by any third parties. All opinions are my own. 


Huge News! I’m off interrailing!!!

Hello Everyone!!! First of all, let me say I am so so sorry for making you guys wait for another post for so bloody long! I haven’t been the greatest blogger of late and for that I truly apologise! I think I might have already touched upon my reasons for not blogging in my last post but if it turns out I haven’t and I’m lying like a right porker then I’ll explain again now before I go into the exciting (and titular) news! 

First of all, as you guys know I’ve been studying for a Masters degree in TV and Radio Scriptwriting and my life kinda got taken over by finishing my last assignment of the year. I wasn’t feeling particularly amazing about my writing after getting negative comments off my supervisor for the assignment throughout the entire second semester. That plus the fact I started working as a teacher full time made me so stressed that I probably had a zillion breakdowns a week. I swear I would come home from work and just burst into tears at the prospect of another evening doing work I’d probably fail anyway. Nevertheless, I churned it out night after night (meaning any other form of writing, such as this blog was abandoned) and managed to pass with an amazing grade and some pretty fantastic comments off the very same supervisor who made me feel like shit (I swear one of his comments were “wow, I’m very impressed” and I nearly exploded with happiness!) and then on top of that I had my stand up comedy gigs. Now since my last stand up comedy course in April and the brilliant 7 min set I did, I have done another 2 gigs. One, which went amazingly well and the other, which just makes me want to crawl in a ball. 

The one that I’d rather not talk about was for a national Stand Up Comedy Competition and I had to travel all the way to Leicester for it. Needless to say, my lack of experience in the stand up circuit didn’t do me any favours on that night and I was just a bit like a little fish with loads of sharks. All experience though! 

After that gig, my confidence was a bit gone which is why it took me about two months to even attempt another. I did the Sunday 5 minute slot at Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool and the audiences responded really well to my material. Since the competition I had written an entirely new set and had worked on honing my stage presence. All in all, it was a gig that really helped reenergise my love for stand up and got me back on track for performing so it just shows you that you can’t let a bad thing knock you down you just have to keep trying and carrying on! An attitude I will carry on with from now on! 

Anyways! So that’s basically why I’ve been incognito for the past couple of months! I know it’s a long ramble but I just thought I’d explain to you guys in case you were wondering. And now for the exciting news….I’M OFF TRAVELLING!!! Yay!!! 

I’m so excited for this summer adventure me and my boyfriend have planned (completely last minute might I add). 

After years and years of saying we’d go interrailing together we’re finally fucking doing it! We just thought after the hectic and hard year we’ve had (house decorating, career stuff, family issues, moving) that we deserved a treat and what better way to treat ourselves than with an amazing three weeks in Europe. We’re gonna be staying with Jakes (the boyfriends) family in a villa in Faro, Portugal for the first few days then the plan is to head to Lisbon then travel through Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic and end in Germany! We would’ve loved to have done longer but we have two weddings we need to be back for! 

Also just so you guys know, I plan on blogging it all! 😉 

Love to you all, 

Chelsea xxx

Exploring Liverpool: Ghetto Golf 

Happy Good Friday Everyone! 

I hope you’re all having a beautiful Easter weekend full of eating lots of chocolate! For this edition of my ‘Exploring Liverpool’ blog posts I thought I’d take advantage of all the amazing activity opportunities that Liverpool have on offer in the city centre, some wacky, some more laid back. 

One that really appealed to me was Ghetto Golf. It’s this amazing mini golf course inside an old Brewery warehouse that’s also a bar! You interested yet? 

All the holes are different, uniquely designed and brilliant. This activity is a great laugh with mates and a welcome change from the cinema, normal drinking and even just dinner. I managed to come last but I still had a fantastic evening with my friends. Anyways here’s some pics for you guys to have a looksie over! Also word of warning, some holes were slightly horror movie inspired! 

Ghetto Golf is £10 per person, not including drinks. You must be over 18. For more information:

Exploring Liverpool: Speke Hall 

Happy Friday Everyone! I thought today if start a new series of blog posts for the weekend. As much as I enjoyed doing my ‘Friday blogs’ I felt I was just repeating myself when I did my ‘Monday blogs’ two days later! So without further ado, I welcome you to the ‘Exploring Liverpool’ blog posts that will be posted every Friday in time for your weekend! 

I hope this post encourages you guys to go out and explore your own home towns a little more like I myself am aiming to do every weekend. 

Last weekend, me and the boyfriend went out to explore a very historical and popular national trust site called Speke Hall. 

It’s an absolutely gorgeous place that is literally just down the road! Whilst there we walked along the grounds of the hall, scared and laughed ourselves silly whilst on the interactive giants walk, messed around in the worst maze I’ve ever seen, ate the most amazing hot scones ever and jumped over quite a high muddy wall! 


Speke Hall is part of the National Trust: 

Beauty And The Beast in Birmingham!

If there’s one film that’s been in everyone’s minds these last few days it’s gotta be ‘Beauty And The Beast’. The highly anticipated remake of the Disney classic that stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as The Beast. Me, being a absolutely huuuuge Disney fan booked tickets to see the film as soon as I physically could. 

Me and my friend Tash decided to make a rather special occasion of it so I travelled down to Birmingham for some good old fashioned girl time! 

After a super early train, I met with Tash and we went for Breakfast together at Yorks Cafe. A gorgeous little cafe right by New Street Station which did the most delicious sounding breakfasts. Me and Tash opted for plain, old Jam and Sourdough toast with a cheeky glass of prosecco. 

After brekkie, we had a casual stroll around town and visited the beautiful Birmingham Cathedral. The lovely Dean had a little chat with us about the cathedral and she let us go right up to the stunning stained glass windows. After the Cathedral we made our way to the Art Gallery and checked out the Edwardian Tea Rooms, the architecture and design of the building made me feel like I was on The Titanic, it was so surreal.

After our cultural exploring we decided to get a few cheeky drinks before the film. We headed to The Alchemist for our first cocktail. I absolutely love the style of this bar and it’s menu is so original. You don’t just order a drink, you order a science experiment! I opted for the colour changing drink, which you pour yourself. It’s insane, you put the mixtures and all the dry ice froths over! 

After this, we then checked out The Jekyll and Hyde Pub for yet another cocktail! It was such a quirky and funky pub with a gin parlour upstairs and an insane Alice in Wonderland style beer garden! 

After all this exploring we were ready to sit back and relax. So we headed to the cinema. Tash recommended we The Empire Cinema in The Mailbox as it had sofas and waiter service meaning all’s we’d have to do is sit back and enjoy the movie in utter luxury. I really enjoyed the sofa seats in the cinema, it made the whole cinema experience so much more relaxing! Even the toilets were amazing, they reminded me of the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter! 

The film itself was absolutely gorgeous! All members of the cast were outstanding and despite my reservations over Emma Watson as Belle, she was brilliant! I was worried how the remake would match the original but it did it proud. A truly magical and enchanting Disney musical that was so stunning it looked like I was watching moving art! 

So in true Beauty and the Beast style I’ll end my blog with these words, “Tale as Old as Time, Song as Old as Rhyme, Beauty and the Beast”

Skiing in Andorra

Hello there! As I type this I’m daydreaming of white powder mountains and hot chocolate, yes that’s right it’s my skiing blog! 

As you may have noticed last week I was pretty absent on the ole’ blog and that’s because I was busy sliding down mountains! 

We went to Andorra for a little week of skiing, drinking and rest. I say rest, I feel like I need a holiday to get over it all! 

Andorra is an absolutely beautiful place and probably the best place for beginners such as myself. It’s situated between Spain and France and plays host to the beautiful Pyrenees and some of the best snow in Europe. 

For our Ski Holiday we booked through an independent Andorian company called The Andorra Travel Service and they took care of our accommodation, airport transfers, breakfast, ski hire and passes. The only thing we had to book was our flights which were ridiculously cheap. We flew with British Airways which was a first for me. I found it all very posh, the onboard food service was all Marks And Spencer’s now that’s posh! 

When we got to the Resort, called Soldeu we were pleasantly surprised to discover we had been upgraded to a two bedroom suite which had an absolutely amazing view of the slopes. The only issue was that it meant our walk home from the pub in the evenings was slightly longer! 

On the Monday we were then placed in our groups for ski school. This is one way Andorra is a brilliant place to ski as even intermediate and advanced skiers are allowed to carry on developing. The ski school is run by British instructors and helps make the holiday a lot more sociable for everyone as you meet new people. My boyfriend was in the highest advanced class whereas I was placed in the middle beginners group. It was fantastic though as I got to learn with people just like myself and have a laugh. The ski school ran from Monday to Friday and because we had morning classes I was able to ski with any boyfriend in the afternoon which was just blooming fantastic as he helped me build on what I learnt in class. 

Skiing is fantastic exercise so I would often come down the gondola at the end of the day looking like a right sweaty mess! I was so made up with myself that I was able to push myself to try something completely out of my comfort zone. I’m so grateful to the ski school for giving me the confidence to push myself and my wonderful boyfriend for being patient with me throughout! 

One of the most amazing things was how warm it was on top of the slopes. There was some decent food places and bars to relax and take a break in, so one day I kinda just found a couch and sunbathed for a bit watching people below me skiing it was so bizarre but brilliant! 

Also the outfit you have to wear when skiing. Can I please just take a moment to tell you guys how much I felt like a superhero walking around in salloupetes and my thermal top?! Honestly I reckon I could have given the avengers a run for their money! Hahahahaha!

After a hard days skiing, usually we would head back to the apartment and get ready for the apres ski in the evening. Andorra had a brilliant nightlife with loads of bars and life bands. The only way I could really describe it would be like calling it “snowy Benidorm” to international readers who don’t know what Benidorm is, google it and you’ll get what I mean. The alcohol amounts were non existent meaning you were merry before 7pm! Well, it is a holiday! Here’s a pic of my rum and coke from one place and please bare in mind this is only the rum in the glass!

That’s a single rum too….:

The food was interesting. Although we had breakfast included with our deal we usually went out for dinner in the night. Breakfast was cereal, toast, pastries and I will admit I loved the Pan Au Chocolate but in the night you were basically stuck with carby fast food and anything the colour beige not that you weren’t needing them after skiing all day. By the end of the week though I was craving some flavour and I’m pretty sure I dreamt of Nando’s

All in all though, I do have to highly recommend Andorra to anyone who wants to go on a skiing holiday. This place is perfect for any level skier and makes everyone feel welcome. I have to admit after this week away I would definitely ski again I just don’t know if I’d find a place as good as this! To finish this post in style I’ve decided to post a picture I took from inside the handily coming down the mountain, you can see our ski’s chilling in the little pocket outside and I think perfectly captures the beauty of the mountain. 

Thank you for reading guys! 

The Monday Blog! 

Well hello there! Is Monday already? This past week has passed in a total blur as I spent it in Andorra skiing. It was an amazing week and I enjoyed it so much! A well deserved and enjoyed break. 

However, after a thirteen hour journey home I was so happy to see my front door. The first thing I did was put on my pjs and order Chinese. 

After a holiday of indulgence I’ve decided to spend this week getting back on track with my fitness and diet. I swear my body is screaming for avocado on toast! 

This Monday has seen me doing countless jobs around the house trying to get back to normal after a week off life. It’s mainly involved changing the bedding, doing washing and cleaning the kitchen. 

However now it’s all back to business which involves lots of writing and script work. I promise you I’ll be writing a blog post all about my skiing trip very very soon so please stay up to date with me in the meantime! 

Until then I hope you guys can be happy with a cheeky pic of me on the slopes looking and feeling like a superhero!