Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: A Review

3 billboards

There’s one time of the year when everyone seems to go absolutely mental over drama’s in the film industry, awards season. Usually, I refuse to go see the films that are pinned for Oscar dominance, I tend to find them a bit too pretentious or they end up being a massive disappointment. sorry to be controversial but La La Land just wasn’t my cup of tea! However, awards season does seem to be the one time of the year making a drama actually seems to pay off for producers and investors.

This year I bucked my trend of ditching the Award buzzing films and decided to just give em a go! Starting with the hotly anticipated, Three Billboards…

Three Billboards tells the story of  Mildred Hayes, a grieving mother whose on a mission to find the man guilty of raping and killing her teenage daughter, this film is not for the faint hearted.

Out of frustration with the police department she rents three billboards in order to spark action in the town’s sheriff, Chief Willoughby, played by the fantastic Woody Harrelson. However, instead of motivating, the billboards  anger the townspeople including the sheriff and his racist and homophobic colleague, Jason Dixon.  To complicate matters further, as it’s common knowledge that Sheriff Willoughby is dying from pancreatic cancer the townspeople harass and even threaten Mildred and her depressed son in an effort to get her to take down the billboards, nevertheless, Mildred remains firm and stubborn to her cause which leads to both tragic and comic moments of dramatic perfection.

Three Billboards is the latest cinematic offering from the genius of Martin McDonagh, the same writer/director who brought us the deliciously dark In Bruges (2008) and Seven Psychopaths (2012). Just like these two, McDonagh is able to fine tune the balance between comedy and utter tragedy in order to truly get to an audiences gut.

However, Three Billboards is not just an Oscar worthy drama, it’s a film that speaks to the universal mass, its a tale of a Mothers love and how far it stretches, even in this films case, beyond death. As a young female who went through the traumatic experience of losing her own mother, this left a large lump in my throat.

Nevertheless, in true McDonagh style there wasn’t long until I was laughing  at something ridiculous the character had said or done. That’s the gift of McDonagh he offers audiences a truly human cinematic moment with themes in his films that can shock but also inspire and he does this once again with Three…

It speaks of revenge, of how dangerous and damaging the quest for it can be and it manages to blend it effortlessly with the beauty of forgiveness.  It’s a humbling and moving cinematic experience.

In terms of structure, as everything with McDonagh it’s down to a T. The worthy and enjoyable protagonist of Mildred who wants nothing more but to see her daughters’ killer brought to justice is the very beating heart of the film. What could very well become a very stereotypical portrayal of a Southern American town  which cleverly represents the antagonist of this piece actually becomes a lot more vivid and three dimensional. In the end, the film is more of  journey and the ending hits the perfect thematic note.

Overall, if you plan on seeing this in cinemas, I highly recommend you too. Even if you’re not a fan of seemingly low budget drama this film will not disappoint. A true Oscar contender if I ever did see one.





Bridget Jones’ Baby and Photobooth Fun! 

I have loved Bridget Jones ever since the first time I watched the movie with my mum. Ever since then, its become my go to film. Whenever I’m sad, having a girly night, having a night alone or just you know, having my time of the month, I grab my well used DVD and sink myself into Bridget’s funny and interesting world.

A love for the clumsy, unlucky and charming Bridget is something me and one of my best friends have in common. So you can imagine how excited we were when it was announced there was gong to be a third movie! For the past year and a half we have been constantly talking about it, and when the release date was announced the first person we knew we wanted to watch the film with was each other!

In fact, my friend (who lives in Birmingham) decided to come all the way to Liverpool for a day just to watch the movie with me, now that’s friendship!

First things first though we went for a good heart breakfast to full us up for the duration of the film. I researched this amazing sounding eatery online and just knew Tash would love it, its situated right opposite Liverpool Town Hall and is called Moose Coffee, it’s cute, intimate and warming all at the same time, the way a breakfast place should be! 

 I ordered the American Pancakes with Blueberries and Maple Syrup and Tash went for the French Toast with Bacon and Maple Syrup. My pancakes were absolutely huge and tasted amazing, so fluffy and perfect but they were so big I couldn’t finish them! 

If you fancy an American or Canadian themed breakfast and are in the Liverpool/ Merseyside area then I highly recommend Moose, the staff are friendly, warm and the food is out of this world! 

We got to the cinema a little earlier and noticed that they had set up a little mini pink carpet/photo booth area to celebrate the release of Bridget Jones’ Baby. Me and Tash obviously couldn’t resist a cheeky little photo booth session before the movie started! 

Now, onto the good stuff! 

The movie was amazing! Everything you could want in  the Bridget Jones instalment. Once again, we were sucked into the chaotic love life of  Bridget, of course this time we were introduced to some new faces we couldn’t help but fall in love with. Patrick Dempsey’s healthy and mindful Jack fitted easily into the BJ family as did Sarah Solemani who played the brilliant yet slightly tinder obsessed thirty something  news reader Miranda. 

The amazing Emma Thompson not only stars in the movie as the formidable and hilarious midwife but also helps the write the ingenious script. You can tell Emma helped write the script, in my opinion it’s perfect. The departure of Hugh Grant’s character Daniel Cleaver is dealt with in a hilarious manner (if I do say so myself) and Dempsey’s Jack becomes the new man in the love/baby triangle. Colin Firth is on point as the snobby and emotional constipated human rights lawyer, Mark Darcey and yes we still love him no matter what. If I’m honest, we root for Mark through it all. ‘Mark and Bridget 4 eva’ if 13 year old me would say….

The best jokes are delivered by Emma’s character if I’m honest but the slapstick comedy in this movie is just as funny, in particular the scene where Mark and Jack carry Bridget through a revolving door, I literally had tears of laughter running down my face. 

All in all, the film is perfect, a fantastic ending for a much loved character. I’m not going to spoil the ending for anyone who wants to go see the film. All I will say is, it’s a heartfelt romantic comedy and brilliant for a girly date with your mates.