Huge News! I’m off interrailing!!!

Hello Everyone!!! First of all, let me say I am so so sorry for making you guys wait for another post for so bloody long! I haven’t been the greatest blogger of late and for that I truly apologise! I think I might have already touched upon my reasons for not blogging in my last post but if it turns out I haven’t and I’m lying like a right porker then I’ll explain again now before I go into the exciting (and titular) news! 

First of all, as you guys know I’ve been studying for a Masters degree in TV and Radio Scriptwriting and my life kinda got taken over by finishing my last assignment of the year. I wasn’t feeling particularly amazing about my writing after getting negative comments off my supervisor for the assignment throughout the entire second semester. That plus the fact I started working as a teacher full time made me so stressed that I probably had a zillion breakdowns a week. I swear I would come home from work and just burst into tears at the prospect of another evening doing work I’d probably fail anyway. Nevertheless, I churned it out night after night (meaning any other form of writing, such as this blog was abandoned) and managed to pass with an amazing grade and some pretty fantastic comments off the very same supervisor who made me feel like shit (I swear one of his comments were “wow, I’m very impressed” and I nearly exploded with happiness!) and then on top of that I had my stand up comedy gigs. Now since my last stand up comedy course in April and the brilliant 7 min set I did, I have done another 2 gigs. One, which went amazingly well and the other, which just makes me want to crawl in a ball. 

The one that I’d rather not talk about was for a national Stand Up Comedy Competition and I had to travel all the way to Leicester for it. Needless to say, my lack of experience in the stand up circuit didn’t do me any favours on that night and I was just a bit like a little fish with loads of sharks. All experience though! 

After that gig, my confidence was a bit gone which is why it took me about two months to even attempt another. I did the Sunday 5 minute slot at Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool and the audiences responded really well to my material. Since the competition I had written an entirely new set and had worked on honing my stage presence. All in all, it was a gig that really helped reenergise my love for stand up and got me back on track for performing so it just shows you that you can’t let a bad thing knock you down you just have to keep trying and carrying on! An attitude I will carry on with from now on! 

Anyways! So that’s basically why I’ve been incognito for the past couple of months! I know it’s a long ramble but I just thought I’d explain to you guys in case you were wondering. And now for the exciting news….I’M OFF TRAVELLING!!! Yay!!! 

I’m so excited for this summer adventure me and my boyfriend have planned (completely last minute might I add). 

After years and years of saying we’d go interrailing together we’re finally fucking doing it! We just thought after the hectic and hard year we’ve had (house decorating, career stuff, family issues, moving) that we deserved a treat and what better way to treat ourselves than with an amazing three weeks in Europe. We’re gonna be staying with Jakes (the boyfriends) family in a villa in Faro, Portugal for the first few days then the plan is to head to Lisbon then travel through Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic and end in Germany! We would’ve loved to have done longer but we have two weddings we need to be back for! 

Also just so you guys know, I plan on blogging it all! 😉 

Love to you all, 

Chelsea xxx


Guys I’m Back! 

Hey guys! 

So I’m back! Sorry it’s been so darn long (haven’t posted anything since April….oopsies!) the last three months have sort of been insane for me. I went full time in my teaching job which took up yonks of my time and then I had my uni assignments to hand in which was so stressful! 

My stand up and writing also took up all my free time as did the various trips away I’ve been on.

Anyways I promise to catch you all up with everything that’s been going on with me with my next couple of blog posts! 

Hope you’ve all had a lovely couple of months! 


A Weekend of Adulting! 

Well hello there! Slightly different from my usual Monday style Blogs but since this weekend mainly consisted of me doing very grown up things I thought I’d change things up a bit! 

So Saturday mainly consisted of house things, by house things I mean decorating! I had my first experience of buying (and carrying, boy it was heavy) a huge pot of paint from BnQ alone as my boyfriend was at the dentist. I quite like going to BnQ alone, it means I can browse over home things longer. I’m loving the latest displays. In the afternoon, we finally finished the white coat. However, my boyfriend cut his hand open half way through so I had to carry on by myself! Who says painting is danger free? In the evening, rather than going out for food and drinks like normal twenty somethings we decided to go to tescos and buy a microwave, we’re cool like that you see. However, it was nice to have a chilled night at home to relax, eat fajitas, watch Death in Paradise and coo over our new electrical appliance. 

On the Sunday, we started with the grey paint on the kitchen walls and I absolutely love it! My boyfriend was a bit worried that the grey would look cold but if anything it makes the kitchen look so warm ad light, it’s perfect. We’ve much done most of the kitchen now alls we have left to do is touch up the ceiling a tad and get a few other bits in, such as a new kettle, toaster and a few pieces of art for the walls. But I must say I’m so happy with how it’s looking! 

And that was pretty much my weekend, I know it was quite lame and boring but I thought I’d share anyway, just in case any of you lot are also in the process of decorating! 

The Monday Blog! 

Well hello there! Is Monday already? This past week has passed in a total blur as I spent it in Andorra skiing. It was an amazing week and I enjoyed it so much! A well deserved and enjoyed break. 

However, after a thirteen hour journey home I was so happy to see my front door. The first thing I did was put on my pjs and order Chinese. 

After a holiday of indulgence I’ve decided to spend this week getting back on track with my fitness and diet. I swear my body is screaming for avocado on toast! 

This Monday has seen me doing countless jobs around the house trying to get back to normal after a week off life. It’s mainly involved changing the bedding, doing washing and cleaning the kitchen. 

However now it’s all back to business which involves lots of writing and script work. I promise you I’ll be writing a blog post all about my skiing trip very very soon so please stay up to date with me in the meantime! 

Until then I hope you guys can be happy with a cheeky pic of me on the slopes looking and feeling like a superhero! 

The Monday Blog!

Well hello there! It’s Monday again, I know I can’t believe it either! 

This weekend was very chilled for me and involved quite a bit of baking and boogie-ing in the kitchen! 

On the Friday night I got home from work and I was completely pooped so our planned meal and few drinks out went completely out the window! We also had our house to ourselves for the weekend for the first time in ages which for a couple is amazing! Alls I wanted to do was  put my pyjamas on, bake and have some cheeky prosecco from the comfort of my own home! 

After baking cookies I was struck once again by the baking bug and we baked our own pizza dough and made pizzas whilst dancing to BBC Radio 2 with the boyfriend. Pizza is my favourite food in the whole world so I was totally made up with my pizza, prosecco and freshly baked triple chocolate cookies. Friday night was just bliss! The perfect antidote to a long day in work! 

On the Saturday I had a looong lye in which was just amazing after hardly sleeping the last few nights. We lazed about most of the morning having bagels and coffee for a late breakfast before heading into town to pick up a few bits. Of course, I couldn’t resist a look in Utility to see all the cute house things! I picked up an exercise mat from Sports Direct which I’ve really needed since starting exercising from home and the boyfriend got some new trainers. 

After that I left the boyfriend in town because he was meeting up with workmates for a drinking sesh. I went to my dads and had a little chat with him before heading home. 

Now I know this sounds silly considering I’ve lived away from home before but this Saturday was the first Saturday I found myself home alone and I was actually OK with it! 

I got in and baked a few more cookies before pouring myself a glass of the left over prosecco and attempting some yoga on my new exercise mat. I know usually alcohol and exercise don’t mix but because it was yoga it was really relaxing especially as I lit loads of candles. 

I don’t normally exercise on the weekend but since it was yoga and I was home alone I saw it more as a way to treat myself by relaxing and stretching my body. Surprisingly I actually enjoyed it.

After that I run myself a nice hot bath and used one of my lush bath bombs (shoot for the stars) to turn the water a beautiful blue and gold. It was devine not having a man knocking on the door asking to use the loo! 

Once cleaned, I went back downstairs, put on a onesie and ordered myself a Chinese (well it was Chinese New Year!) I picked a film to watch whilst eating my Chinese. FYI, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which wasn’t that good if I’m honest! Asides from that I really enjoyed my night alone! I discovered it weren’t as bad as I thought it would be! If anything it made me appreciate the peace and quiet of an empty house and some alone time to do what I like. 

On Sunday me and the boyfriend spent the day painting the kitchen some more so it was a messy day! But it meant we’ve finally got it done! Now we just need to add our decorative pieces and we’re done! 

Anddddd, that was my weekend! I know it’s been proper relaxed and low key compared to others but every weekend is different! I hope you guys all had a lovely weekend and I wish you a beautiful week! 

September Favourite’s 

Wowzer! I genuinely can’t believe how fast the previous month went, I mean seriously where did it go?! 

As September has drew to a close I can start to see Autumn slowly arrive, I mean I’ve actually started wearing coats again and I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that! 

One good thing about Autumn however is that I get away with living in jeans, jumpers and boots again. Hooray! 

This month I haven’t really tried anything that different but I do have one or two new Favourite’s that may come as a surprise to the odd reader. 

Make-Up and Beauty

This month, I’ve been trying to keep my make up routine to a bare minimum. Preferring to stay natural as my skin hasn’t been my best friend recently. I absolutely love my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer it’s perfect for covering up my imperfections when I want a minimal make-up day but maximum coverage. I’ve recently got back into my Benefit Hervana Blusher it’s a gorgeous pot with mixed shades of pink, coral and nude. I love using it to vamp up my day look for a more evening face. 

Food and Fitness 

Okay, I’ll admit something here…I haven’t actually been in the gym in over a week! Nevertheless I’ve still tried to remain as active as possible by walking as much as I can. I’ve also really enjoyed trying new healthy recipes out such as the ones in The Body Bible by Clean Eating Alice. My favourite recipe is the Butternut Squash, Chilli and Feta Frittata, it’s perfect for a nutrious and satisfying lunch and the Mexican style sweet potato bowl. 


As September is that transition month between Summer and Autumn my wardrobe is currently in a bit of chaos. My go to at the moment is my favourite Topshop Leigh Jeans and my Adidas Trainer Pumps. They’re comfy and keep my feet dry in this unpredictable weather!


Autumn is when I get to cuddle up on the couch in my fluffy dressing gown and watch telly. I love coming home after a long day in the cold weather and getting all cosy. My favourite programme to watch on the telly at the moment is The Lie Detective. It’s that addictive trash telly which has embarrassing couples and the coolest guy ever hosting. He’s so witty and sarcastic with the couples it’s cringey yet hilarious at the same time. 

Another reason I’m loving Autumn is for Starbucks bringing back one of my favourite drinks, the Pumpkin Spiced Latte! It’s perfect for the chilly nights and tastes incredible! 

And that’s my September Favourite’s, I hope this has given you guys an idea of what I’m into this month and if you guys want to recommend me anything I’ll be happy be try! 

Bridget Jones’ Baby and Photobooth Fun! 

I have loved Bridget Jones ever since the first time I watched the movie with my mum. Ever since then, its become my go to film. Whenever I’m sad, having a girly night, having a night alone or just you know, having my time of the month, I grab my well used DVD and sink myself into Bridget’s funny and interesting world.

A love for the clumsy, unlucky and charming Bridget is something me and one of my best friends have in common. So you can imagine how excited we were when it was announced there was gong to be a third movie! For the past year and a half we have been constantly talking about it, and when the release date was announced the first person we knew we wanted to watch the film with was each other!

In fact, my friend (who lives in Birmingham) decided to come all the way to Liverpool for a day just to watch the movie with me, now that’s friendship!

First things first though we went for a good heart breakfast to full us up for the duration of the film. I researched this amazing sounding eatery online and just knew Tash would love it, its situated right opposite Liverpool Town Hall and is called Moose Coffee, it’s cute, intimate and warming all at the same time, the way a breakfast place should be! 

 I ordered the American Pancakes with Blueberries and Maple Syrup and Tash went for the French Toast with Bacon and Maple Syrup. My pancakes were absolutely huge and tasted amazing, so fluffy and perfect but they were so big I couldn’t finish them! 

If you fancy an American or Canadian themed breakfast and are in the Liverpool/ Merseyside area then I highly recommend Moose, the staff are friendly, warm and the food is out of this world! 

We got to the cinema a little earlier and noticed that they had set up a little mini pink carpet/photo booth area to celebrate the release of Bridget Jones’ Baby. Me and Tash obviously couldn’t resist a cheeky little photo booth session before the movie started! 

Now, onto the good stuff! 

The movie was amazing! Everything you could want in  the Bridget Jones instalment. Once again, we were sucked into the chaotic love life of  Bridget, of course this time we were introduced to some new faces we couldn’t help but fall in love with. Patrick Dempsey’s healthy and mindful Jack fitted easily into the BJ family as did Sarah Solemani who played the brilliant yet slightly tinder obsessed thirty something  news reader Miranda. 

The amazing Emma Thompson not only stars in the movie as the formidable and hilarious midwife but also helps the write the ingenious script. You can tell Emma helped write the script, in my opinion it’s perfect. The departure of Hugh Grant’s character Daniel Cleaver is dealt with in a hilarious manner (if I do say so myself) and Dempsey’s Jack becomes the new man in the love/baby triangle. Colin Firth is on point as the snobby and emotional constipated human rights lawyer, Mark Darcey and yes we still love him no matter what. If I’m honest, we root for Mark through it all. ‘Mark and Bridget 4 eva’ if 13 year old me would say….

The best jokes are delivered by Emma’s character if I’m honest but the slapstick comedy in this movie is just as funny, in particular the scene where Mark and Jack carry Bridget through a revolving door, I literally had tears of laughter running down my face. 

All in all, the film is perfect, a fantastic ending for a much loved character. I’m not going to spoil the ending for anyone who wants to go see the film. All I will say is, it’s a heartfelt romantic comedy and brilliant for a girly date with your mates.