Guys I’m Back! 

Hey guys! 

So I’m back! Sorry it’s been so darn long (haven’t posted anything since April….oopsies!) the last three months have sort of been insane for me. I went full time in my teaching job which took up yonks of my time and then I had my uni assignments to hand in which was so stressful! 

My stand up and writing also took up all my free time as did the various trips away I’ve been on.

Anyways I promise to catch you all up with everything that’s been going on with me with my next couple of blog posts! 

Hope you’ve all had a lovely couple of months! 



Exciting News and My First Photoshoot!

So I’m pretty excited as I type this blog post up! Today I got the amazing news that I have been chosen to perform at the women in comedy festival in Manchester this October, this is huge news for me as it’s the just the start of my career in Stand Up Comedy.

I’m a whole mixture of emotions at this moment as I don’t know whether to jump with joy or hide in a cupboard with nerves!

I’ve never performed stand up before but Its something I’ve wanted to try for ages! Anyway, I needed some professional photographs taken for my first gig so I asked my amazing friend, Naomi who happens to be exceptionally good at photography to take some shots of me. Let’s face it, anything is more professional than a selfie!

For my first photoshoot, we decided to use the alleyway behind my house as it had good lighting and a nice brick backdrop (oozed glamour of course!) As you can see, we took the whole process very seriously!

Anyway, I’m really happy with how the pics turned out so I thought I’d share them with you guys!