Mini break in Stratford Upon Avon

I think I should probably  rename this blog, “That time we pretended we had gone back in time to the Tudor times…”

Is it just me that finds the months of January and February really depressing?!

Seriously, I feel as though they are the two months of the year that are the darkest and gloomiest. Who really wants to get out of bed in the cold and dark? Not this girl!

Anyways, since me and the boyf (yeah I just used that abbreviation) both had a week off, we decided we’d throw caution to the wind and book a little UK break somewhere. We decided on Stratford Upon Avon as we it wasn’t too much of a hassle to get to via train and also, because I am a massive Shakespeare lover so it was about time I went  and paid a visit the land the famous writer was from!

With us still doing the house up we were quite strapped for cash so it had to be a real ‘budget break’ in certain ways, so we just booked the good ole Travelodge for our accommodation although next time we pay a visit we will definitely be booking into one of the more gorgeous old fashioned hotels that are scattered all over the centre of the town. In terms, of a good quality cheap and cheerful hotel, Travelodge has everything you could want (and at £60 a night we were laughing), it was only a ten minute walk from the city centre attractions and really close to the shops so it was a win win for us.

On the first day we got there, we had a bit of time to kill before we could check in so we went for a nice long walk along the river and ended up visiting the church were Shakespeare is buried. I discovered two things on this walk, 1, I really didn’t need to bring my walking shoes as Stratford is not as ‘country’ as I thought and 2, Shakespeare was a proper short guy!

In the night we just headed to a cute thatch roofed pub for some good old fashioned pub grub! I tried an open pie, which is a bit like a quiche only fancier and loved it! Gotta try new things you know!

The next day, we decided to be really good tourists and went to check out all the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust sites. Of course we had to have brunch first! We went to one of my fave brunchy  restaurants  that we discovered two years ago when we were in Salisbury for Valentines Weekend. It’s called Boston Tea Party, and my ultimate breakfast choice is the Sweetcorn Hash. It’s beaut!

We got the Full Story tickets which were brilliant value for money at £20.25 per adult as it meant we could go see all five of the sites and have still access to go again for the next 12 months. That means another trip to Stratford could be on the cards! 😉

I loved seeing all the historical buildings, they were so dreamy. I really felt like I was back in time, just hanging with Shakespeare and Co! The Birthplace Trust really do look after the sites and are very welcoming to all visitors. I think they do a brilliant job in maintaining the history and home of such a well loved national treasure. It’s so important for future generations aaannd I’ve just realised how preachy I sound so I’m gonna stop the Shakespeare preaching right now!

We did as many of the sites as we could do before they shut. Choosing to end the day at Halls Croft, the home of Shakespeare’s daughter and her doctor husband with a scone and slice of Victoria Sponge. It was bloody lovely! I absolutely loved Hall’s Croft as it was the sort of old country building that had beautiful plants growing on the side of it. It kinda reminded me of Belle’s house in Beauty and The Beast. Damn, I love a place that makes me sing Disney songs.

We decided to leave Anne Hathaway’s Cottage until the last day, thinking it’d be rather nice to do the home of Shakespeare’s true love and where his own love story blossomed on Valentine’s Day, not that we’re an overly romantic couple of anything like that! The cottage had hundreds of years of history and still had a descendant of Shakespeare’s living in it right up until the 1900’s! Afterward, we headed over to the cafe and tried a bowl of Pottage with a Tudor Roll. Pottage is basically boiled veg in a broth and apparently they would have eaten a lot of it back in the day!

To finish our little break we made a stop to the Royal Shakespeare Company and watched their production of Twelfth Night, Adrian Edmondson and Kara Tointon both starred in it and were absolutely fantastic. It was a mixture of funny and sad in places and I personally think it’s a play that shows off all of Shakespeare’s true writing genius.

After that, we headed back on the train home. Both tired and rejuvenated from a lovely few days! As a writer myself, I left feeling truly inspired and motivated for the next stage of my writing career. Now, I just need to finish that bloody script I’m working on!

Disclaimer: This blog was not sponsored or paid for by any third parties. All opinions are my own. 


Comedy Writing Course in London! 

Hello there! 

So I’m back this week with an exciting travel/ work blog. Last weekend I braved the capital all on my lonesome for a course in comedy writing. 

As you guys know my true ambition is to write a sitcom one day so I thought this course would be right up my street! 

I stayed in a shared apartment in Camden, the accommodation itself was quite affordable and convenient. I will admit I had a tiny panic when I got to the entrance and thought I wouldn’t be able to get in and then walking up the stairs with no bannister. But in the end the place proved quite good value for money. However, I think next time I’d stay somewhere a little quieter as I was right in the middle of Camden market! 

I choose the two day course at The Comedy School as its a truly unique organisation that specialises in all things Conedy and also does amazing charity work and providing fantastic opportunities for up and coming artists in comedy. 
The course was run by the writer of a well known and long running British sitcom called Red Dwarf. His name was Rob Grant and he was absolutely lovely and hilarious. His story into writing was very inspiring and it was brilliant to get an insiders guide into how the industry works and where the best opportunities are at. The first day of the course was mostly Rob talking about different aspects involved in comedy writing, it was really informative but by the end of the day we were knackered! 

In terms of food, it wasn’t all posh cuisine I’m afraid as such as I’d have loved to have tried loads of different cuisines I was so knackered by the end of the day that I couldn’t be bothered queuing for restaurants. On the Friday night I got a takeaway, it wasn’t all bad though as I went to Itsu. Itsu is a London based  Japanese chain which specialises in Sushi, Noodle and Broth dishes. I ordered the vegetable dumpking broth, it filled me up but it wasn’t the nicest thing I’ve ever had from there. On the Saturday I just grabbed a sandwich from spar and then had a McDonalds. So glamorous! On my last day I treated myself to Pan Au Chocolat and a cup of tea to get me through the last day. 

The course was based right by Regents Park so it meant I was also able to do a little exploring of the park and the beautiful Camden. On the last day of the course, we split up into groups and wrote sketches for a radio style sketch show that would be performed by actors that night. It was intense but an amazing learning curve and although sketch writing isn’t my forte it brilliant to see the whole process taking place in just one day. 

The actors delivered our material brilliantly and I was very impressed with how they interpreted our writing. The course was quick and very intense. I’d say the first day was more for sitcom writers and the second day was more for sketch writers. Of course, both days were useful. All in all, after an exhausting weekend I left more inspired and determined to succeed as a comedy writer! 

The Friday Blog! 

Yay! It’s another edition of The Friday Blog, were I fill you guys in on what I’ve been up to this week! I’ve been a little under the weather this week and erm (PMSing) so haven’t really been up to much I’m afraid but I really wanted to do a Friday blog so anyway, here we go!


This week beauty hasn’t really been that high on the priority list if I’m honest with you. I do however really need to purchase a new face powder as I’m afraid my trusty MAC Studio Fix is on its last legs. If you guys have any recommendations for me, please comment below! I’ve also started using hand cream again as in the winter my poor hands go so dry and sore that it actually gets quite painful at times! I’m trying to find a cream that helps me without leaving my hands feeling all sticky and greasy and every year it proves impossible, if you guys have any recommendations please again leave me a comment! 


I’ve been rather under the weather this week with a cold and PMS so fitness (just like beauty) hasnt been that important to me. I did on Monday however get up at 6 and manage to go the gym for a hour. I’m also planning on going today before a family brunch I have planned and Sunday.  I found a new exercise machine that’s a killer but really pushes you it’s called the Stairmaster and it pretty much simulates you walking up stairs but you can adjust the level to make it harder or easier, I swear I’ve thought so much whilst walking up stairs. The way I look at it, as long as I go at least three times a week I’m happy. At the moment I’m not beating myself up over not going that much as I’ve got a lot going on at the moment. 


Healthy eating hasn’t been a biggie on the agenda either (just like beauty and fitness, hey! Noticing a pattern?) I don’t know about you guys but when I’m ill I just wanna eat crap and feel sorry for myself. I am trying my hardest though, I swear next week I’ll be better!

 I did have one fairly healthy meal this week surprisingly and that was when I went for Brunch with my Nannie which is odd as she’s usually encouraging me to eat all kinds! I went for Eggs Florentine, which may not be the healthiest thing in the works but the eggs were a source of protein, and the spinach were my greens. For me, eggs florentine is my go to brunch choice when I fancy a treat that isn’t too bad for you and it makes a welcome change from avocado on toast! 


I’m on the second week of my masters course and I’m still loving it, the commute can be a bit of a nightmare at times and it means I no longer have Thursday nights but it’ll be worth it in the end I’m sure. One programme in absolutely addicted to still is Great British Bake Off and now especially more so since it’s moving to channel 4 and won’t be the same anymore! I’ve always loved baking and cooking in general, so it’ll come as no surprise that me and my girlfriends are booking to go to The Good Food Show once again, a day of food and drink? Could I resist?! 

At the moment we’re enjoying peace in our house as from next week the building work starts on my house and I won’t have a living room for a month! Yay! 


So Autumn has well and truly hit Britain this week, this means it’s time for me to invest in some good quality chunky knits and ankle boots. If there’s one thing I truly love about Autumn it’s the clothes you get to wear. I’ve always been a jeans and boots girl, always will. I’ve seen some gorgeous knits in the likes of Topshop and H&M so I think this weekend may include a few sneaky purchases! 

And that’s The Friday Blog for this week! I know, I know it’s not the most exciting and glamorous blog I’ve ever done but hey that’s life some weeks are action packed some are tea and telly in your pjs! 

August Favourites!

Hey Guys!

I can’t believe August is over already! Summer, this year has been so mad what with moving back to Liverpool, travelling to Crete, travelling back and forth to London for various things and getting back into my scriptwriting. Phew! I must admit I’m excited for what Autumn has to bring for me and hopefully my scriptwriting! 

Anyways, here’s the things I’ve been loving this month!


Malteasers Teasers Spread 

Oh my god!! This stuff is amazing I swear I went through my first run in like two days. It’s seriously bad for my healthy eating but it’s been too delicious not to just eat all the malty crunchy pieces! 


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

I’d wanted to try this foundation for so long and was so happy when I found a perfect match fr my skin. It makes my skin look even and glowy without an over dewy complexion. It’s ridiculously easy to apply as well!

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Hot Lips Edition in Super Cindy 

When I heard that CT had brought out the Hot Lips range of Lipsticks that was inspired  by different famous women from Kim Kardashian West to Miranda Kerr. I’ve recently had a thing for nude lips so when I saw that there was a shade inspired by Cindy Crawford I knew I’d love it. It’s a gorgeous matte shade that is long lasting and smells incredible. I’m not surprised though, CT you are a babe! 


Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Scented Candle 

On the way to Greece I couldn’t resist a little stop in duty free. I’ve been a huge fan of Jo Malone for a few years but never actually bought any products. However, I couldn’t resist the duty free price and ended up buying the perfume and candle. I love the woody and fruity scent of Blackberry and Bay, it’s refreshing and sexy and the perfect scent for me.

Arrested Development 

You gotta love Netflix! It’s got so many different programmes on there. I’d never watched Arrested Development when it first came out but I stumbled across it when I was looking for something new to get into. I’m hooked! 

Anyway, that’s all for this month!