Beauty Treatments I Regret Paying For 

We’ve all had ‘beauty treatments’ that we thought would make us look a million pounds but then we left thinking it was just a massive waste of money. I’m no different, from a young age I’ve been trying out various treatments to see how they would alter my appearance for the better. From Microdermabrasion to Eyelash extensions, I’m gonna talk you lovely lot through some of my biggest and most expensive beauty mistakes!

Microdermabrasion- around £25 upwards- I was about 18 when I tried this treatment. I suffered from bad skin all through my teen years and decided enough was enough just before I went to university. I tried about three treatments before I felt like it was just a massive waste of money. Microdermabrasion apparently uses abrasive crystals to remove dead skin cells layer by layer which ultimately stimulates blood flow and encourages collagen and more elasticity to the skin. Personally, for me it didn’t work. I have quite oily skin anyway and it only improved with age and time if anything. However, I’m not saying it won’t work for you. I just think this treatment is more suitable for people with more mature skin who want to look a bit more ‘refreshed’.


Eyelash Extensionsaround £15 for weekend ones and £45 for semi permanent-Eyelash Extensions! Remember just a few years ago everyone went mad for having fake plastic lashes glued to their lids? I myself was no stranger to trying a few out. I tried out both weekend lashes and semi permanent ones. Although they made me look very fluttery when I had make up on, I’m felt I just looked a bit odd with massive eyelashes when barefaced. For me, the maintenance of the semi permanent ones was really unpractical with me needing a £20 or more top up every four to six weeks! The weekend ones usually only lasted a day or two. The beautician used to always say “Don’t get them wet and they’ll last longer” now I don’t know about you but I like to shower and wash my face every day so….

HD Brows- Around £25– HD Brows came about after everyone decided they wanted thick and hairy brows again. They were the answer and up until a year and half ago I was still getting this treatment done. I stopped because my Brow Technician moved away and after trying a few different people I saw no one who could do my brows the way she did and decided to leave them for a while. Another reason stopped, other than the expense was the fact that although my brows looked good after they were done and made them feel thick and groomed. After a few days they the tint wore off and the brow make up they put on fades and you’re left with brows that look just as thin! Trying to recreate the shape the technician gave you with your shitty Brow Pencil at home is never the same either! At the moment I’m letting my brows breathe and trying to encourage natural hair growth.

Acrylic Nails- £20 upwards– I  have tried Acryclic nails around four times in my life. Once when I had my school prom and another time at my 18th birthday. Needless to say they were the biggest pain in the arse ever! I just felt like I couldn’t do anything with them without scratching myself somewhere or getting bits caught in them. They also really damaged my actual nails which really pissed me off. I just felt a bit like Cruella De Vil in them. These days when I do treat myself I prefer to get a Shellac polish on my nails, it’s just like a nail varnish but lasts ages and doesn’t involve me stabbing my eyeball whenever I have an itch there.

Spray Tan- £10 upwards depends on the brand and salon– As soon as people sunbeds were told sunbeds could increase your chance of skin cancer everyone immediately looked for an alternative way to achieve that year round tan and that’s where the spray tan came from! At the time, the idea of spraying myself orange was quite appealing and I had one for my school prom in year 11. It was humiliating, standing in a booth topless whilst a woman sprayed me a gold colour. So embarrassing. I then had to wear my dads t-shirt and baggy shorts for the rest of the day whilst the orange crap dried on me and it was still patchy the next day! I swear pale is just as beautiful and a lot less hassle!

‘Active Pureness’ Facial-£45– Like I’ve already said I suffered with pretty bad skin in my younger years. Mind you, my skin still has bad days at the age of 22…. Anyway, I was recommended this facial after getting a shellac pedicure at this really posh beauty spa. The facial called ‘The Active Pureness’ facial was meant to exfoliate dead skin and help rid you of acne and blemishes. It also came with a very relaxing hot stone massage which was just heaven. Needless to say, the massage was beautiful but the facial was totally not worth the price!

And there go, my top pick beauty treatments that I believed were totally not worth the price mark! I hope this blog has proved useful to you all!



Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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