Skiing in Andorra

Hello there! As I type this I’m daydreaming of white powder mountains and hot chocolate, yes that’s right it’s my skiing blog! 

As you may have noticed last week I was pretty absent on the ole’ blog and that’s because I was busy sliding down mountains! 

We went to Andorra for a little week of skiing, drinking and rest. I say rest, I feel like I need a holiday to get over it all! 

Andorra is an absolutely beautiful place and probably the best place for beginners such as myself. It’s situated between Spain and France and plays host to the beautiful Pyrenees and some of the best snow in Europe. 

For our Ski Holiday we booked through an independent Andorian company called The Andorra Travel Service and they took care of our accommodation, airport transfers, breakfast, ski hire and passes. The only thing we had to book was our flights which were ridiculously cheap. We flew with British Airways which was a first for me. I found it all very posh, the onboard food service was all Marks And Spencer’s now that’s posh! 

When we got to the Resort, called Soldeu we were pleasantly surprised to discover we had been upgraded to a two bedroom suite which had an absolutely amazing view of the slopes. The only issue was that it meant our walk home from the pub in the evenings was slightly longer! 

On the Monday we were then placed in our groups for ski school. This is one way Andorra is a brilliant place to ski as even intermediate and advanced skiers are allowed to carry on developing. The ski school is run by British instructors and helps make the holiday a lot more sociable for everyone as you meet new people. My boyfriend was in the highest advanced class whereas I was placed in the middle beginners group. It was fantastic though as I got to learn with people just like myself and have a laugh. The ski school ran from Monday to Friday and because we had morning classes I was able to ski with any boyfriend in the afternoon which was just blooming fantastic as he helped me build on what I learnt in class. 

Skiing is fantastic exercise so I would often come down the gondola at the end of the day looking like a right sweaty mess! I was so made up with myself that I was able to push myself to try something completely out of my comfort zone. I’m so grateful to the ski school for giving me the confidence to push myself and my wonderful boyfriend for being patient with me throughout! 

One of the most amazing things was how warm it was on top of the slopes. There was some decent food places and bars to relax and take a break in, so one day I kinda just found a couch and sunbathed for a bit watching people below me skiing it was so bizarre but brilliant! 

Also the outfit you have to wear when skiing. Can I please just take a moment to tell you guys how much I felt like a superhero walking around in salloupetes and my thermal top?! Honestly I reckon I could have given the avengers a run for their money! Hahahahaha!

After a hard days skiing, usually we would head back to the apartment and get ready for the apres ski in the evening. Andorra had a brilliant nightlife with loads of bars and life bands. The only way I could really describe it would be like calling it “snowy Benidorm” to international readers who don’t know what Benidorm is, google it and you’ll get what I mean. The alcohol amounts were non existent meaning you were merry before 7pm! Well, it is a holiday! Here’s a pic of my rum and coke from one place and please bare in mind this is only the rum in the glass!

That’s a single rum too….:

The food was interesting. Although we had breakfast included with our deal we usually went out for dinner in the night. Breakfast was cereal, toast, pastries and I will admit I loved the Pan Au Chocolate but in the night you were basically stuck with carby fast food and anything the colour beige not that you weren’t needing them after skiing all day. By the end of the week though I was craving some flavour and I’m pretty sure I dreamt of Nando’s

All in all though, I do have to highly recommend Andorra to anyone who wants to go on a skiing holiday. This place is perfect for any level skier and makes everyone feel welcome. I have to admit after this week away I would definitely ski again I just don’t know if I’d find a place as good as this! To finish this post in style I’ve decided to post a picture I took from inside the handily coming down the mountain, you can see our ski’s chilling in the little pocket outside and I think perfectly captures the beauty of the mountain. 

Thank you for reading guys! 


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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