Christmas Lush Guide 2016

As an avid bather I love nothing more than some quality time in Lush smelling and trying out new bath and body products. Of course, I love their products that much I made a little blog post about it back in February when they had their special Valentines range out. That post was so popular I knew I had to do one for all their amazing Christmas products too! 

So anyway here’s a list of my favourite Christmas products lush has in stock! 


This reusable bubble bar is a little gem! It’s fruity and fun with bergamot oil and orange to turn your bubble bath into a festive frenzy. Plus, how cute is the little Santa dinosaur! 

Father Christmas 

This bath bomb is incredible! It’s smells as sweet as freshly spun candy floss thanks to the gorgeous addiction of gardenia extract. The best thing about it though is watching santa’s pink cheeks fizz away to reveal the holly green middle! 

The Christmas Penguin

How adorable is this penguin bubble bar?! I saw it in the store and immediately wanted it. Be warned though, this penguin may look harmless but get him under your bath tap and it foams a frothy pool that smells citrus like a lemon. Complimented with mandarin oils it’s perfect after a long winters day. 

The Night Before Christmas

Usually I don’t tend to go for the gift sets in Lush as I prefer picking my own products. However, when I saw this I changed my mind. There’s only two products inside this gift box but both are incredible in their own right. Inside is a bath bomb called Shoot for the Stars and a bath melt called Snow Angel, both are below. 

The bath melt is lust worthy with its sensual cocoa butter whereas the bath bomb’s honey scented sparkles add a dash of excitement. A brilliant little gift for friends and family and maybe even yourself! 

Santa’s Little Helper 

Unwrap this little elf’s face and a brilliant little gift set is inside! This is perfect for the Christmas lovers out there and comes with four items for the toiletry lovers out there! I really do think you get your money’s worth with this product as the products on their own are best sellers. The products include; 

Butterbear, which is one of my fave bath bombs with its cocoa scented goodness. Peeping Santa, the adorable fruity bubble bar which kinda reminds me of Jo Malone’s Blue agava & cacao. Elf on the Shelf, a fun and twangy bath product which you can assemble yourself and smells of grapefruit and ginger. And last but not least, Santa’s Belly, a shower jelly which lathers you up with its sweet rose and uplifting neroli. Perfect! 

And there you go! My top Lush reccomendations for you this Christmas, let me know your favourite products so I can try some more! 


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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