A Sunday Roast in Style! 

If there’s one thing I really love doing at the weekend, its trying new food places out. 

Alma De Cuba is a gorgeous South American themed restaurant that is based in a former Roman Catholic Church. It’s exposed brick with light only from the candles, lamps at your table or the old stained glass church Windows, it’s beautiful. It’s a grand building yet it feels cosy and atmospheric at the same time. Obviously enormously influenced by both its Latin culture and it’s Scouse neighbourhood. We went during the Gospel Sunday Brunch and there was a Gospel choir singing cheerful tubes that immediately lifted all diners spirits. I couldn’t feel but feel like I was in Love Actually, you know in that bit in the beginning were Kiera Knightley gets married then she goes and snogs her husbands best mate at the end? 

We ordered the Vegetarian Nut Roast and it came after a wait of around 20 minutes which was brilliant considering it was cooked fresh. To be honest, we were impressed already as not that many restaurants do nut roast for a vegetarian roast dinner option. 

The presentation of the food was stunning and they even made vegetarian gravy. The potatoes and veg were all cooked beautifully. However, the nut roast…if I’m honest It was more a Vegetable roast if anything and it didn’t have much to it with it literally crumbling apart with the slightest touch. It was however full of flavour just like the garlic potatoes. If I’m completely honest though I found there wasn’t enough food on the plate for me. I could have done with a few more potatoes or even a Yorkshire pudding! 

As we were still pretty hungry we decided to get a dessert each. Jake ordered the sticky toffee pudding and I opted for the Eton Mess. I must say the dessert redeemed the place, it was glorious. So incredibly tasty and full of flavour. If there could be the perfect Eton Mess I think this one would come in pretty close and I was eventually full! 

All in all, Alma De Cuba is a beautiful place to eat, great atmosphere, lovely staff and tasty food. Alls I would say to any fellow vegetarian’s is be aware of Alma’s loose interpretation of a nut roast…

I highly recommend this place to spice up your Friday night drinks! 

Alma De Cuba: http://www.alma-de-cuba.com 


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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