September Favourite’s 

Wowzer! I genuinely can’t believe how fast the previous month went, I mean seriously where did it go?! 

As September has drew to a close I can start to see Autumn slowly arrive, I mean I’ve actually started wearing coats again and I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that! 

One good thing about Autumn however is that I get away with living in jeans, jumpers and boots again. Hooray! 

This month I haven’t really tried anything that different but I do have one or two new Favourite’s that may come as a surprise to the odd reader. 

Make-Up and Beauty

This month, I’ve been trying to keep my make up routine to a bare minimum. Preferring to stay natural as my skin hasn’t been my best friend recently. I absolutely love my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer it’s perfect for covering up my imperfections when I want a minimal make-up day but maximum coverage. I’ve recently got back into my Benefit Hervana Blusher it’s a gorgeous pot with mixed shades of pink, coral and nude. I love using it to vamp up my day look for a more evening face. 

Food and Fitness 

Okay, I’ll admit something here…I haven’t actually been in the gym in over a week! Nevertheless I’ve still tried to remain as active as possible by walking as much as I can. I’ve also really enjoyed trying new healthy recipes out such as the ones in The Body Bible by Clean Eating Alice. My favourite recipe is the Butternut Squash, Chilli and Feta Frittata, it’s perfect for a nutrious and satisfying lunch and the Mexican style sweet potato bowl. 


As September is that transition month between Summer and Autumn my wardrobe is currently in a bit of chaos. My go to at the moment is my favourite Topshop Leigh Jeans and my Adidas Trainer Pumps. They’re comfy and keep my feet dry in this unpredictable weather!


Autumn is when I get to cuddle up on the couch in my fluffy dressing gown and watch telly. I love coming home after a long day in the cold weather and getting all cosy. My favourite programme to watch on the telly at the moment is The Lie Detective. It’s that addictive trash telly which has embarrassing couples and the coolest guy ever hosting. He’s so witty and sarcastic with the couples it’s cringey yet hilarious at the same time. 

Another reason I’m loving Autumn is for Starbucks bringing back one of my favourite drinks, the Pumpkin Spiced Latte! It’s perfect for the chilly nights and tastes incredible! 

And that’s my September Favourite’s, I hope this has given you guys an idea of what I’m into this month and if you guys want to recommend me anything I’ll be happy be try! 


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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