A Little Place Called Heraklion 

I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve shown you of the gorgeous Crete so far, it’s a beautiful island and if these blogs have shown you half of that then I’ll be happy! 

On our last day we visited the Palace of Knossos. My boyfriend, Jake is a huge history buff so he was desperate to go see it and as I was promised a trip to the capital city of Heraklion afterwards I was more than happy to go with him! 

The Palace of Knossos was the home of King Minos and according to Greek Mythology it’s also the home of the terrifying Minotaur, the half man, half bull creature who lived in the palaces labyrinth. It was a truly fascinating place to visit. 

I must say though, it was pretty hot around the site! Afterwards we headed to Heraklion, which is the capital of Crete and we checked out a few of the places around there. Well, after we demolished one of the best burgers I have ever had! 

The town centre was very beautiful with many different outdoor cafes and restaurants that cooked gorgeous smelling food. There were also loads of high street shops, more than I thought there would be and I had to fight my every urge not to go into H&M ! 

We made our way down towards the marina and watched the waves clash against the gigantic rocks. All in all, not a bad end to the day! 


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Scriptwriter and Stand Up. A recovering chocoholic who is trying to maintain a balanced lifestyle whilst putting on make up and travelling around a bit!!

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