Festival Fun!

Well hello! As you lot know I spent the weekend at a festival in Dorset. It had a really cool vibe to it, and despite having to use mobile cubicle style showers I must admit I had a really good time. The food was incredible (I think I took several snaps of one pizza!) The weather was also perfect, which really makes a festival for me. The live music was really good, it kinda had a country and western sound to it which complimented the Dorset country fields. However, my favourite memory I’ll take away from the weekend is just sitting outside our tents, drinking and having a laugh. Anyway I thought I’d upload some of the pictures for you all!

Having a look at some of the unusual merchandise and other things on offer!

Off the shoulder top from New LookDenim Shorts from River Island and Sunglasses from Accessorize

Gotta love fresh and hot donuts for Breakfast! Krispy Kreme eat your heart out!

Clear skies for sunbathing!

Curry and Chips! Yeah!

Jalopy Pizza

Wood Fired Oven Pizza’s made right in front of you! Must say me and Jake were very impressed!

Look at that bad boy!

I would happily recommend!

That night we had live music from Tom Robinson and his amazing band.

Jake wanted his slushie in the picture!

Once again Denim Shorts from River IslandTop from TopshopSunglasses from Accessorize and Flip Flops from George

Getting into the festival mood with flowery head gear!

We also had some amazing thai food from another one of the food stalls.

We shared some veggie spring rolls and I had the stir fry with rice noodles.

The festival was just the perfect escape this weekend and really got us in the summer mood! Now I just hope the weather stays perfect!


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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