Date Night, Wagamama’s and Romeo & Juliet

As we currently live in my boyfriend’s family home, finding quality time alone can be a little difficult. So that’s why we started having weekly nights out on our own, sometimes it’s not even a night it’s just a few hours where we can spend some time together doing something alone. I hate the term ‘date night’ it just sounds so cheesy and cliche but to be honest I can’t actually think of anything else to call it! Last week we went to a boxing class together so this week we decided to go for something with a bit more culture.

I’ve wanted to see Kenneth Branagh’s production of Romeo and Juliet for ages! Ever since I saw the cast line up with Lily James and Richard Madden from Cinderella, love that film! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get down to London to see it in the flesh with work commitments so when the live screening was announced I pounced to get a pair of tickets.

Before the show we headed for our first ever Wagamama’s in the city centre. I must say, I felt like I had missed out all these years! The food was amazing and my desire to travel to Asia has once again been relit! I ordered the Pad Thai, the other half went for the Katsu Curry, and we shared some veggie dumplings called gyoza. It was divine! Even the boyfriend agreed and he is the hardest person to please when it comes to Asian food. Needless to say we will definitely be returning soon….

P.S. I think what really sealed the deal for the boyfriend was bumping into Welsh Rugby player Gethin Jenkins as we were leaving…Yep, we’ll defo be going back…

Romeo and Juliet was spectacular, Kenneth Branagh set the play in 1950’s Verona so it was all very film noir and it was actually filmed all in black and white so it fit the backdrop perfectly. Saying that however, it was the actors on stage that made it for me. The natural chemistry between Lily James and Richard Madden just shined through, especially in the that famous balcony scene! Derek Jacobi as the more mature yet still just as mischievous Mercutio was a fantastic choice made by Kenneth Branagh as was Meera Syal as the comic relief in the form of nurse. To be honest, the first half was full of comic moments which made the tragic second half and ending even more tragic. One thing that truly surprised with this production was the sheer amount of music and dancing. Lily James herself sang as her and Richard Madden’s Romeo locked eyes for the first time, the theme of true love at first sight not only echoing through her sweet and haunting song but also through the action on stage. Derek Jacobi and Meera Syal also take a turn to have a sing and dance for comic effect, but the innocence and purity of Lily James’ voice leave the audience haunted, almost in a daze. The ending is tragically beautifully when the two feuding families uniting over the lifeless bodies of their two innocent children whose only crime was to fall in love with each other and I must say Lily James is weirdly good at playing a corpse, honestly it’s terrifying I kept looking at her chest to see if she was breathing!

So I realised this blog post kinda just turned into a bull blown review of Romeo and Juliet, sorry guys I just get really passionate about the arts at times! This Play was just so good! I would honestly  recommend this production to anyone even my boyfriend enjoyed it and he can’t stand Shakespeare.To end this blog post I thought i’d quote from the man himself “Never was a story of more woe, than of Juliet and her Romeo”…………Ooh that was a cliche ending and I don’t even care!

Romeo and Juliet is playing at the Garrick Theatre until the 13th August, to book tickets visit 


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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