My Speedy Summer Skin 

Right, so it’s officially shorts and dresses weather, FINALLY! 

That means one thing, it’s time to prep them legs girls! 

Back in the day, my routine was painfully long and complicated. It involved waxing, exfoliating, buffering and polishing every single spot on my legs. These days with working forty hours a week and having to juggle everything, my routine has stopped being so high-maintenance. 

For me it’s about speed and quality. I want smooth and silky legs which look tanned and luscious. Come on girls let’s me honest, despite all them hair removing products out there nothing beats a good ole’ shave! 

I’m currently using a disposable wilkinson razor that I got from Boots for around £2.50. Bargain! 

In terms, of that sun kissed glow I’m currently using an old fave, the Dove Summer Glow Moisturising Lotion. It’s a subtle self tanner which gives skin all the hydration of a moisturiser and it’s a little gem! 


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Scriptwriter and Stand Up. A recovering chocoholic who is trying to maintain a balanced lifestyle whilst putting on make up and travelling around a bit!!

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