The Chocolate Lovers Healthy Breakfast! 

Now in case you weren’t aware, I am a serious chocolate lover. I genuinely can’t get enough of the stuff, if I could I would have it all day, everyday. However, as I’m now 22 I realise I do have to take a bit more of a balanced outlook when it comes to my diet. 

So this is were my chocolate lovers breakfast comes from, it’s both healthy, filling and let’s me give in to my chocolate cravings. It’s a massive win win. 

It takes no time at all to make and involves only four ingredients (whaaa?). 

To make all you need is

  • Greek Yoghurt (I use the fage 0% one) 
  • Two different types of berries (I used raspberries and blueberries) 
  • Two broken up squares of 70% Dark Chocolate

The process is ridiculously easy just plop three heaped tablespoons of Greek yoghurt into a bowl, add a handful of each of the berries and top with the broken up chocolate. There you go! 

I find this breakfast fills me up and puts my chocolate cravings at bay for the rest of the day. So if  you’re a chocoholic like me why not give this breakfast a try tomorrow. 


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Scriptwriter and Stand Up. A recovering chocoholic who is trying to maintain a balanced lifestyle whilst putting on make up and travelling around a bit!!

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