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So it seems it’s been a while since I did one of these blogs and that’s just not acceptable! So I’m back with another blog full of what I did (and ate) this weekend.

Since both mine and my boyfriends weekends are becoming increasingly more busy, any weekend we get time together, we make the most of it. This weekend was perfect as we had Friday night together and most of Saturday.

On Friday Night we headed out for some food and a few drinks. We booked a table at a traditional Greek Taverna style restaurant, now you guys already know how much I love Halloumi so I was pretty excited to try all the other amazing food the menu had on offer.For veggies, its usually painfully hard to find Greek restaurants that can accommodate to your dietary needs. This restaurant was something pretty special though.

Located on a busy high street in the middle of the student heartland of Cardiff. There’s a sort of Bohemian feel to the area. The Hellenic Eatery is  a warm and welcoming establishment, which immediately make you feel like you’re actually on holiday in Greece.

The menu was extensive with so much on offer to suit everyone. The drinks menu is equally up to scratch with an enormous range of beverages, from Greek Wine to Ouzo!

To start we had hummus with pitta bread (which was incredible! they warm it on the grill and sprinkle some spice over), Halloumi and this bizarre thing which was Feta cheese in Filo pastry with sesame seeds and honey drizzled over. It looked and sounded so odd but tasted so amazing.

For mains, we had three veggie skewers with chips, pitta bread and Tzatziki. Not going to lie, I couldn’t finish it. There was just so much food that I felt like I was about to burst. I was a tad upset that I couldn’t, I mean the food was just so darn good. I think even apologised to my chips at one point (let’s blame the ouzo).

Now, the best part, the restaurant is cheap as chips! Considering we had three starters (naughty, naughty) and then two huge mains and our drinks. It all only came to £30!

Our night was sealed perfectly, well until we started walking home and my new shoes hurt me so much that Jake had to piggybank me home, but asides from that!

On the Saturday, we had a glorious lie in until 8 o’clock and i went the gym whilst Jake did park run with his mate. we both got back ravenous and decided to have a cheeky little weekend treat for breakfast. I had French Toast with Greek Yoghurt and Jake opted for the fried bread.

After showering, we headed into town for a day of retail therapy and relaxation. As I’m heading to Birmingham (and Selfridges) next weekend I avoided Boots like the plague, opting for fashion purchases rather than beauty. Instead, I purchased a blouse type dress from Topshop and some new flip flops from Jack Wills (expect blog post soon).

Whilst in town we noticed a few market stalls so we headed over for a nosey. It was all Welsh Produce which was really interesting and Jake fell in love with the old photographs of Cardiff stall. Eventually, buying an old photograph  of our local area from something like 1855! Me being me, I fell in love with the fresh brownie stall.  There were various flavours but I was boring went for the original with hot chocolate sauce and freshly whipped cream. Jake went for the peanut butter one which tasted pretty decent too.

As it was a stunning Saturday afternoon we decided we’d go for a few drinks in the sunshine, we ended up in a bar called Bunkhouse which is also a hostel for backpackers. I love Bunkhouse for its cool and hipster layout and eccentric interiors (me and Jake were sitting on a bench under an umbrella , indoors). There’s a wide range of different drinks on offer and I love the fact they use local producers rather than big name brands, makes it more homely.

For food, we decided on Wahaca which is a mexican street food restaurant and we both love it because the food is insanely good.  We didn’t book a table so had a forty minute wait at the bar but we were fine with that as it meant we got to people watch with mojito’s.

For starters we shared some nacho chips with guacamole and refried beans. Weirdly as it’s all street food which is made insanely fast we found as soon as we started tucking into our starter, our mains came to the table aswell. I went for the sweet potato and feta Toastada’s and refried beans and cheese quesadila’s. Jake had something fairly similar and we decided to share a bowl of sweet potato chunks and Rice. As usual the food was epic and we were once gain filled to the brim with food babies. 

Afterwards, we happily waddled home and watched the end of eurovision 🙂 

Chelsea x



The Hellenic Eatery:








Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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