The Monday Blog! 

 Well, hello there and welcome to another edition of The Monday Blog. I hope you’ve all had a scrumptious weekend doing whatever makes you happiest, for me this is discovering new places. So this Saturday me and the boyfriend went off for a little wander around Bath.

For those of you who’ve never never been or never heard of Bath before, its a beautiful town set in the rolling countryside of south west England. It’s well known for it’s natural hot springs and Georgian architecture, particularly the Circus and The Royal Crescent.

I know Bath for two main reasons; The Roman Baths and Jane Austen. Two things that really interest me, so of course a visit was always gonna happen . From Cardiff, its a direct one and a bit hour train which make it perfect for anyone living in my neck of the woods. However, if not I’m pretty sure most other cities have good transport as well. 

As we arrived in Bath it was raining quite heavily so we headed over to the Roman Baths as the museum was mainly indoors. The exhibition had expanded greatly since I last went (nearly ten years ago) and now also let visitors see the site of the grand court yard that would have been used by the Romans all those years ago. I found this visit a lot more informative than I had when I was a child but then again I probably wouldn’t have cared that much about reading the history of the place when I was a kid! Weirdly we ended up being in the Baths for nearly two hours so decided we ended to get a move on to see the rest of Bath. 

After filling up on the knowledge of Roman Bath, we also visited Bath Abbey because it had a live orchestra on. We didn’t stay particularly long I the Abbey just long enough to have  a good look and walk around the place. 

 Jake also let me give into my Jane Austen desires as we walked up the hill to Regent Bath and visited the Jane Austen visitor centre. As a huge Austen fan, I couldn’t contain my joy as I saw all the staff dressed in Georgian costume. Before you walk around the centre, you have an introductory talk with a member of staff. What mainly surprised me was how there seemed to be more men working in the centre than women (despite my boyfriend being the only male in our group, extra boyfriend points for that!) After the talk on Jane’s history and time in Bath, we then walked down the stairs to her portrait gallery and watched a short film in another Georgian style room. After the film, we were then lead into a room which had Georgian clothes for us to try on, food for us to try, a fanning class and  a writing desk for us to learn how to write using ink and quills. I was quite good at Georgian writing, Jake might have made a few mistakes! (Georgian writing is not suitable for left handers!) 

There was also a Regency Tea Room which we’d have loved to go into and try some of the famous cream teas and scones. Unfortunately though by the time we were done around the  Centre, the tea rooms were shut!

To finish our sightseeing off we headed further up the hill and took a look at the Circus and The Royal Crescent, both of which are fantastic example of beautiful Georgian Architecture . The only problem was how windy it was up there! (We nearly got blown into cars it was that bad!) 

 As we were caught up in all the excitement we forgot to eat and ended up having a cheeky Nando’s before catching the train home to Cardiff.

On the Sunday, I had a pretty chilled out day. I finally got to have a lye in which felt amazing and my boyfriend made tea and sausage butties for breakfast (I practically cried with happiness) I also went the gym to try and get back into my training routine after a few days of idleness.

This week I’m gonna try and get back into the gym and my exercise routine in general as since I’ve started working I’ve lacked motivation. On Friday, I’ll heading off again, but this time it’ll be home to Liverpool to visit my family and have some quality time.

I’m sorry this blog post hasn’t been as packed as it usually is but hey, sometimes you just need to chill!

Chelsea x



Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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