The Monday Blog! 

Well hello there! 

I know this blog is ridiculously late and I’m very sorry about that! I’ve had a bit of trouble with my internet connection and blog uploading (let’s just say this isn’t my first attempt of uploading this blog today). 

Anyways, this Monday’s blog will be a teeny bit different to the others. As you probably know if you’ve read any of my other blogs recently, this weekend I was away with my boyfriend in Salisbury and it was gorgeous! However, indtead of writing a little bit about it in a Monday blog I thought I’d dedicate a whole blog post to my wonderful weekend, where I can share more pictures and details with you! 

For today’s blog I thought I’d share with you some of my Valentine’s Day with you. 

We exchanged our cards in the morning and had a glass of champagne which was really nice and chilled.  

 We didn’t really plan to do anything special but since we were staying at a spa hotel we decided to spend an hour using the spa facilities. It was so nice and relaxed at the spa, I especially loved the hot tub outside. It was mad because although it was freezing outside it was so hot once we got in the water!   

  Once we were all spa-ed out (if that’s even a verb) we got changed and headed into the town for some lunch. We ended up in this adorable period style cafe which did the most amazing food! I promise you!    

 To burn off the calories we strolled over to Salisbury Cathedral and spent a few hours having a look around. It was a bit mad actually as there was a church service under the way whilst we were looking around! The strangest part however was the art exhibition that was on display in the grounds of the cathedral. It seemed to be lots of statues of these half human-half rabbit creatures. I have no idea what it was about but it definetly was eye-catching! 

 Once we were creeped out enough by the statues we headed on back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I made full use of our hotel bath and threw in one of my lush bath bombs! Honestly, it was heaven.   

 I used my lover lamp bath bomb which when it fizzes spits out red love hearts. 

For my make up I did a red lip with a little black eyeliner. I thought it was best to keep it simple with me wearing a red lip. I was actually surprised with how well it lasted throughout the night! (And…cue drunken selfie!)

And…that was pretty much what I did on Valentine’s Day! It was pretty chilled but just what we both wanted to do. 

In terms of whats coming up for me this week, it’s pretty intense. My boyfriend is off as its the school’s half term this week but I still have to work 9-5 so it’s gonna be week of trying to spend time with him and juggling my job, which is gonna be equally as chaotic! I seem to have something on EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Groans!

Bearing this in mind, I’m not gonna be able to go to the gym in the evening asides from Wednesday which means I’ll have a few really early gym sessions to deal with this week. I’ve never gone to the gym before 9 o’clock in the morning so it’s gonna be a bit strange for me, I don’t know if it’ll be better or worse. I’ll let you know how I get on! 

On Thursday I’m meeting our office colleague who works in London for us, she’s down for a massive event we have on, on the Friday so after the meeting we’re planning on going out for food and drinks so that should be fun! 

Any ways, I hope you’ve all had a gorgeous weekend and have a lovely week ahead. Until next time! 

Chelsea X 


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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