The Office Wardrobe Edit

So I thought this Saturday I’d share with you lot my go-to office wardrobe essentials! The clothes I wear for work in the day that I can also work in the night (please tell me you got my cheesy pun?)

Whilst a lot of my friends are either training as teachers or stuck behind a desk talking calls from Margaret in Sheffield I’m working in a very public office. Meaning, although it involves a lot of computer admin it also involves interacting with people so I’m encouraged to dress appropriately. Luckily, the office is quite relaxed so as long you’re smart casual everything is cool. 

To me, this means skinny jeans, a blouse and ankle boots! When put together these items of clothing just scream smart casual and best of all, it’s so darn comfy! 

In my opinion, the best place for smart casual blouses that you can get away with in work and when out with friends is Dorothy Perkins. 

Dorothy’s as its affectionately nicknamed in Liverpool is the only high street store I shop in when it comes to work blouses. I did attempt a look in Topshop but the clothes were either far too casual (ripped jeans and checked shirts) or leather (bondage wouldn’t really work in my office!) 

However, in Dorothy’s I find blouses that I could easily pull off for a dinner out with friends and the 9-5. Having  things I can wear for both work and play is important to me as I often meet up with either the boyfriend or friends after work. In fact, I’m actually wearing one of my blouses I bought for work on Valentine’s Night when I go out for dinner with Jacob!

Black skinny jeans are also my go to office essential as they’re both professional looking and perfect for that spontaneous night out (if you’re feeling naughty on a school night!) I tend to get most of my skinny jeans I wear for work from Topshop just because their skinny black Jamie jeans are the perfect skinny jean for a smart office look and comfy enough to bust some moves at 2 in the morning…I swear it’s only happened like once….  

I team my blouse and skinnies up with a gorgeous little pair of heeled ankle boots, mine are a tan colour because I was sick of wearing black boots all winter! 

I bought them from Dorothy Perkins, surprise surprise. But what I love about Dorothy Perkins is the fact they alway have loads of sales on, bargain girl at heart! The ankle boots should have been about £40 but because they had 30% off I got them for about £25 or something ridiculous like that. They’ve only got a little heel which is good for me as it means I last longer in them then I would do in actual high heels! Anyway I doubt I’d get to my office in one piece if I walked to it in heels, Rush hour traffic is insane!  

And there you go! The perfect office outfit! By day you can be stylish and professional and by night you can retouch your make up, flick your hair and also be ready for a night with the girls! (Or boy, but I think you’d get more appreciation for your outfit from your girlfriends…sisters know the struggle!) 

Happy Saturday! 

Chelsea X 



Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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