The Friday Blog! 

Okay so to say this week has been a teeny bit busy would be putting it mildly. However, it’s Friday now so let’s celebrate by putting together my attempts at living a healthier and fitter lifestyle with my beauty loves of this past week!
Beauty Loves


As its Valentines this weekend it thought it’s only fitting that my favourite beauty product this week be a strong and passionate red lip. Nothing screams passion to me more than the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Crayon in Cruella. This vibrant and enticing red will have your significant other gazing at those luscious lips all night long! Hopefully I’ll be able to post a blog on my Valentines make up but for now here’s a pic of me sporting Cruella on a night out. 

P.S. Sorry it’s a tad blurry!  


Attempts at being Healthier 

 This week has seen me start working full time and although I’m absolutely loving it I must say my healthy eating has taken a bit of a hit. Although I am still going the gym and doing my exercise classes (this week they were brutal), me and the boyfriend have started a new trend…It involves us sitting on the couch after a long hard day, watching the telly and sharing some Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup. For us, it perfectly ends our day together however, I do realize its probably not the healthiest way to unwind after work! 


On Tuesday it was of course, Pancake Day! me being me I couldn’t help but have a cheeky one…or two…or three. You get the picture! It kinda went down hill once again but I did have the pancakes for my dinner so you know, it was an actual meal and just not extra naughty calories! We had maple syrup and some of our Peanut Butter Cup ice cream on top and it was so good! 

For Wednesday, it was back to business as usual and we made ourselves a Veggie Carbonara. We found the recipe on Jamie Oliver‘s Website and were impressed with how simple and easy it looked to make! It only took about twenty minutes to make and tasted that nice that I’ve bookmarked the web address for next time! In fact, I was actually that full I couldn’t eat any of our Ben and Jerry’s!


As a little treat on Thursday lunchtime me and the rest of the office ended up going out for lunch. We were recommended this little cafe in the Penylan area of Cardiff which is a gorgeous and quaint area that has been used in an episode of Doctor Who (the one about the Queen’s coronation and the psycho tellys). The cafe was called Penylan Pantry and had a delightfully unique charm to it. All the food is freshly prepared and so took a while to come to the table. I went for the Avocado on Toast with an egg on top, just because I was trying to eat healthy. The rest of the office went for the homemade Sausage roll which was flipping massive! It was a lovely cafe with a nice atmosphere but what made it even better was the freshly baked cakes that were on display. Since, I had eaten healthy I decided to treat myself to something a little delicious! Well, it’s nearly the weekend, right?! 

Attempts at being Fitter

My exercise routine has pretty much been the same this week, but I felt like my abs routine wasn’t doing anything for me anymore. I decided to look up some different abs exercises to do and came across Bosu Ball Exercises. The Bosu Ball is kind of like a balance trainer which is really good for working those core muscles. I usually use it be getting into the plank position and doing some knees to chest style moves. I usually do about three reps of 20 with knees to opposite elbows, mountain climbers and Spider-Man. I tell you, after a few goes you really feel it in your gut!  

 Since I can’t actually take a selfie of myself doing the exercise, I thought I’d use the pic below to give you an idea.Weekend Plans

This weekend I’m off on a country spa retreat with my boyfriend and I’m pretty excited as last year we never got to spend Valentine’s Day together. Jake was away at a conference so I went up to Liverpool and watched Fifty Shades of Grey with my cousin (wasn’t awkward at all!) 

I will still be posting blogs at the weekend but they might not be exactly on time as I’m treating this break like a mini holiday. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend no matter what you do! 

Chelsea X


Veggie Carbonara:
Penylan Pantry:



Author: Chelsea Thompson

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