The Lush Valentine’s Collection


Hey look at that! Two blog posts in one day! You lucky Devils! 
It will come at no surprise to hear I love a good lush product, so when I heard they had a limited Valentines Collection I just had to go down and get my mitts on them. 

It was love at first smell (literally) as I walked in and saw all their gorgeous Valentines Exclusives. I only bought two but I spent a good two hours in there trying (and most importantly, smelling) everything so think I can give you a pretty good review! 

Ex Factor  


Even though I’m not single, I can’t help but have a soft spot for this cute bath bomb and It’s adorable shape makes it hard not to like. This blue bath bomb smells very vanillary-musky (sorry for the bad choice of words!) and also has hints of floral ylang ylang, making it the perfect comforter for a broken heart or even someone who can’t shake the thought of someone else from their mind. 

Sex n The Shower 

 I can’t help but have a smirk when I was looking at this cheeky emotibomb. It’s quite a surprisingly naughty product from lush. Apparently with this sensual smelling bomb, you’re meant to lay down in the shower and let the steam from water unwind you (and your shower buddy) as the smell of juniperberry and sweet mimosa arouse you whilst the heady jasmine and floral rose make your mojo go into overdrive. I think personally though it would just make me really sleepy! 

Tisty Tosty Special Edition 

I really like this special edition bath bomb, not only does it have a captivating combination of floral orris root powder, Turkish rose and sicilian lemon but it is also studded with several real rosebuds creating a very romantic feeling and geranium fragranced bath. 

Love Spell  


This smooth massage bar is made from organic cocoa butter and shea butter. It will leave your skin feeling baby soft (my arm I sampled it on still feels ridiculously soft) and feels as if your being touched by rose petals. The smell ain’t too bad on the nose either! 


Bubble bars are my favourite things in Lush (what can I say I loves the bubbles!)  This bubble bar is made from ylang ylang,  frangipani and organic shea butter meaning it’s also a skin softener. It’ll also turn your bubble bath a sensual red, the colours of love! 

Love Locket  

This little gem of a bath bomb is filled with uplifting neroli oil whilst sweet vanilla and floral jasmine tantalise your senses. However, the most amazing thing about the love locket is  when you gently crack it open, it reveals a confetti spangled heart inside. Giving you a full on indulgent bath.

Lover Lamp 


Now, onto the products I actually bought…This bath bomb smells just like a Terry’s white chocolate orange with added vanilla. I fell in love with the look and smell of this product instantly as it has that delicious hint of vanilla and orange. I was also intruded by the little red hearts which apparently float on top of the bath when lover lamp dissolves. A real romantic treat! 

Rose Bombshell

This product is part of the Mother’s Day collection I believe but I think this bath bomb is also ideal for Valentines Day with its floral triplet of yellow rose, rose absolute and rose oil. Also, as it fizzes the outer shell breaks away and magnificent petals burst out in a sweet haze of Sicilian lemon and geranium oils. So it’s bit like a little relaxing show whilst you bathe! 


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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