The Monday Blog! 

CAUTION: This weeks Monday Blog may make you very hungry! 

Hello there!

Well I hope you all had a beautiful and glorious weekend (even if your other half was glued to the telly watching the six nations! Just mine? Really?!)

It’s that time of week again, so that means its time for the Monday Blog!

So before I get started on what I did during the weekend I did get some pretty amazing news on Friday Afternoon, I got a job! The office I did an internship at before Christmas offered me a full time position and I’m so darn happy! (Insert awful no make up snapchat selfie here).  

 So to celebrate, I ended up going out for dinner to the local pub with my boyfriend and his family. You know, after I phoned up practically every member of my family! 

On the Saturday, I had a morning gym session and then spent the rest of the afternoon doing admin and finishing up blog posts, maybe watching the occasional episode of Pretty Little Liars. Whilst the other half was caught up in six nations matches. 

In case any of you don’t know what the six nations is, it’s a rugby tournament between England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy that happens every year. I only heard about it during my first year of uni in Wales but since then rugby has become my favourite team sport. 

On the Saturday night me and the boyfriend had our date night that I told you guys about in Friday’s blog. We had dinner at a Tex Mex style restaurant in Cardiff Bay called Chiquito. The restaurant has got a very laid back fiesta feel to it and offers diners a warm welcome. One thing I loved was how the waiter brought a little bowl of spiced popcorn to our table whilst we deliberated through the menu, it was such good timing as we were both starving! The menu is fantastic and offers a huge range of choice. For starters we shared some nachos and mini feta and sweet potato tacos (boy were they sexy) and of course I couldn’t help but have a cheeky mojito to wash it down with!  

   With the place being a Tex Mex that meant there was a lot of cheese and salsa and guacamole (not that I’m complaining!) for mains I went healthy (I know, I’m shocked too) with the skewered Halloumi. It came on a sizzling pan sort of thing. I mean, these people know how to do good food presentation. Oh boy! it was gorgeous, served in a bed of marinated and fried pepper and onion, the taste was just out of this world. I got it with Mexican spiced rice and corn on the cob which made my day because I fricking love corn on the cob.  

 My boyfriend went for his absolute favourite dish as well although st one point he practically had a breakdown because he couldn’t decide what he’d prefer to order! In the end he decided on the Chimichanga and in my opinion, he made the perfect decision. It came on a square plate and the chimichanga and fries were in a kind of mini fry basket (if that’s what you call it).  It was absolutely huge! In fact in think it’s the first time that he’s never finished a meal in all the years I’ve known him!  

We decided to have a little liquid break whilst we “oohed” and “ahhed” over the desert menu. Me deciding on a Strawberry Margarita and the boyfriend choosing a Desperado’s which is a tequila beer that is the only beer I actually really like! For dessert I picked a Cheesecake that came with a chocolate dip and Strawberries whilst Jake went for the lemon sorbet because in his words “I need to cleanse my palette”.  


Oh the cheesecake sexiness!

Guys I will apologise for that long food ramble! Didn’t realise how much food would be discussed in this blog when I first started writing it (oops). 

After our meal we were planning on seeing a movie but the cinema wasn’t showing anything that we actually wanted to see. Instead, we headed into the Hollywood Bowl and pretended we were little kids again by playing on all the arcade games and shooting zombie bats, pirates, zombie zombies you name it! We also had a couple of games of Table Hockey and despite me being a champion at it when I was ten years old, Jake crushed me! (I’m sorry ten year old Chelsea). 


I swear I had too much fun on that
On the Sunday, I headed into town to grab some new blouses for work and some new make up bits(nothing too exciting I promise!) 

Once again I will apologise as food will be talked about again! As it was the Super Bowl in America last night, me and Jake ended stayed up pretty late watching it. It’s been a tradition of ours since uni to watch it together, eat American (ish) food and drink American beer. I know it probably sounds a little lame to some of you guys but it’s kinda just something we do (and despite the early morning start we both had today, it was worth it!)  

 We made our own guacamole to have with nachos thanks to a really easy recipe off the bbc good food and just sat on the couch with beers, not even thinking about the epic tiredness we would feel today (such party animals, right?)  

The half time was amazing and in my opinion Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars crushed it! (there wasn’t a smiling and dancing Palm tree in sight though, sob). 

Of course, today is very interesting one for me as its my first day at my new job so I’m a little bag of nerves at the moment! In regards to my daily blogging I will try to be as regular as always although If I do slip up once or twice please try to understand guys! 

For me this week is gonna be pretty busy, what with working full time, gym classes, blogging and preparing for my weekend away in the country for Valentines. However, I’m very happy to be busy and can’t wait to finally give my diary something really grown up to organise! 

Also, it’s Chinise New Year today so Kung Hei Fat Choi! 

I hope you all have an absolutely lovely week ahead of you. Personally, I think I need to go spend some time in the gym…

Chelsea x
BBC Good Food Guacamole Recipe:-


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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