Beer and Burgers At The Grazing Shed

  Being a vegetarian it’s almost impossible to find a really good burger place which does good options for non meat eaters as well as carnivores! Me being me, I love a good quality burger and chips combo (long gone are the days of McDonalds I tell you). So after doing a little online research (researching food places is my fave thing, ever) I found The Grazing Shed and let me tell you, this place is the holy grail of burger joints! We headed up on Saturday afternoon after building up an appetite shopping and it so worth it.

The menu is ridiculously extensive and the best thing is (well for veggies anyway) that any of the beef or chicken burgers can be adapted for vegetarians! I did whoop a little when I read that little piece of information on the board.

I ordered the Daisy Duke which came with cheddar cheese, BBQ and Cajun dressing, boom boom Mayo, red onion confit (no idea either) and rocket and lettuce. My burger buddy (Jake) ordered the burger on promotion which was the Hula Hula Burger that again came with cheddar cheese, boom boom Mayo, onion rings, a pineapple ring (odd but apparently it went well) and lettuce and rocket.

We both ordered our burgers as meals so we got fries and a drink. We both opted for root beer, see told you there was beer in this blog 😉

 The Grazing Shed only does locally sourced and made drinks so don’t be expecting to see Coke or Fanta sold here.

Whilst waiting for our food we made generally chit chat about the interior of the place. Being called the grazing shed I was expecting hay and farming equipment, sadly there was no pitchforks around but it was styled with a rustic theme in mind. One wall was plastered with crates,whilst the lights were hung up on string (think farmer wedding).

 Meanwhile, in a sentimental nod to The Grazing Shed’s philosophy on using locally sourced ingredients for their burgers. There was many canvas posters around the place with pictures of the farmers and butchers that The Grazing Shed use to make their delicious burgers.

I couldn’t take pictures of all the canvas posters (mainly because I’d look a bit nuts) but also because our food came!

I might have fell a little in love with my burger and then smeared my face with BBQ sauce, oops!

Oh well, it was worth every BBQ flavoured second. The cheese and BBQ sauce melted effortlessly into the burger almost giving it a Texan flavour, whilst the contrasting taste of the boom boom Mayo complimented everything else with the slightest kick of spice in there. It was honestly one of the tastiest veggie burgers I’ve ever had and I will definitely be going back to The Grazing Shed to try some different types of burgers. Maybe one with toppings that don’t stain my jeans!

Yep all gone and worth every second!

I ate everything and was so full afterwards I didn’t eat anything again all night. So if you guys fancy a little something naughty and quick with lots of variety or if you’re a vegetarian who wants a decent choice in burgers (and you’re living or thinking of visiting Cardiff anytime soon) give The Grazing Shed a little visit!

Chelsea x
The Grazing Shed website-


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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