Natural, Golden Globes Glowing skin by Benefit Cosmetics 


Hello there!

So I hope by now you can forgive me for the very unblogable pictures that will accompany this piece. My beautiful camera has been damaged so I’m still waiting for it to be repaired 😦

Anyways, I thought I’d kick off with a little blog about my recent visit to the good ole’ benefit counter and talk about my recent makeover I had by them gorgeous people there!

I wanted to try and beat them awful January blues by giving myself a fresh and healthy glow, the kinda glow we’ve been seeing loads of recently thanks to the Golden Globes coverage!  I’m talking Alicia Vikander and her dewy sexiness, Lily James and her natural glow and not forgetting Eva Green! All of them women looked absolutely flawless and what was the one thing they all had in common? Natural, glowing and fresh skin! Now I’m not going to say that all these beauties used benefit products to achieve their stunning complexions (I’m like 99% sure all these women had their make up done by Charlotte Tilbury) but I believe I recreated their glow by using the more affordable and not to mention easier to find and buy brand of Benefit!

So basically, I’m showing you how to get golden globes gorgeous but with a brand which is a lot nicer on the purse!

FYI! All the products used on me were benefit, I promise you and in my own opinion I rather like it when you use all the same brand, usually the products all seem to compliment one another.

Also please know, that my phone pictures really do not do the look any justice whatsoever so don’t let these pictures put you off getting a free make up consultantion yourself.  
The beautiful make up artist started by cleansing my skin from all the other products I had put on that morning and then massaging Benefit B. Right! Triple performing SPF Mousturiser into my face. No word of a lie, my face felt so darn soft and smooth after. She then took pity on my poor dark circles under my eyes and applied a tiny amount of Benefit It’s Potent eye cream with the tips of her fingers. Now this cream I must admit is a product which I would describe as more of ‘fake it’ rather than a ‘fix it’ nevertheless it really does do wonders to your dark circles and even gives you a little glow just under the eyes. It’s almost looks like the love child of the tinted eye Mousturiser and Bb cream but it does smell amazing and with it being a ‘fake it’ you can instantly see results.

To vanish my pesky pores, the artist then lightly applied some of the POREfessional primer unto my troublesome pore area around my cheeks and nose using a foundation brush to blend it in evenly. Once again, The difference was instant and my skin appeared more even toned than it had done in years! For foundation, I had already said I wanted a very natural almost skin like look and so the artist matched me perfectly to the Benefit Hello Flawless liquid foundation SPF 25 in the shade Ivory.

It was  applied to my skin using the same benefit foundation brush as from before. This foundation however is something else, what I love about it is how skin like it looked when applied and how the coverage can be either light or medium depending on how much you build upon it. It’s just incredibly healthy looking and hydrating to the skin and any foundation which gives me a luminous look just makes me swoon! For concealing my under eye area and other imperfections. For my general imperfect areas on my forehead and chin I really liked the Benefit Boi-ing concealer I thought the creamy formula which reminded me of my own Estée Lauder double wear concealer worked really well to maintain the healthy glow. I also like how you can use your fingers with the product, hey! No judgement..It makes it soo much less time consuming! Which means more time on my brows 😉 But I must admit I was a tad disappointed with the under eye concealer which the artist used. It was meant to be a hydrating concealer with loads of healthy things like vitamins and apple seed extract in which makes it natural and healthy. However as soon as she applied it I genuinely noticed no difference at all! I was looking into the mirror doing the awkward thing of pretending you notice the difference when really you look exactly the same. -.-  the product was called Benefit Fakeup concealer and I guess if you like your make up natural this product is perfect for you, just make sure you have no actual imperfections to conceal…

Now! Onto my favourite part of the makeover, the highlighter! I must admit this part excited me the most as l was interested in creating a healthy and natural glow which I could pull off in the day or night. The make up artist searched all three of Benefits best highlighters and we both agreed Girl meets Pearl was the most natural and suitable for my warm skin tone. I’m not even embarrassed to admit I squealed like a little girl when I saw how glory my skin was after application, this highlighter is THE SHIZZ! I’ve never used a creamy highlighter in my life, always sticking to the trusty Bourjois  duo bronzing and highlighting palette but I swear this Benefit product has turned me! It’s almost pearl like on the skin and the light reflecting pigments in the cream just create the most gorgeous natural glow I’ve ever had, no amount of nature can create the way my skin skin glowed with this product I swear!

Moving on, before I go fully into crushing mode with the Girl meets Pearl I’ll mention the other products that were applied to my skin to finish the look off. For bronzer, the make up artist used Hoola. I already have this product so I now it works well on my skin and gives me a nice contoured look when applied to my cheekbones. For blusher, I was a bit cynical when the artist brought out the Benefit Hervana Blusher. I thought the contrasting colours would just make me look like a clown but the four different shades blend perfectly together to almost lift your make up to another level. When paired with the Benefit Hoola Bronzer my face became more defined more structured and I could finally see that I did actually have cheekbones!

To finish off the artist applied some Benefit Gimme Brow to my brows to make them a little more filled in (I had already had my brows done earlier in the morning) and then she applied a little Benefit They’re Real! Mascara to my lashes after curling them.

I will admit I was pleasantly surprised at how well Benefit did in giving me the Golden Globes Glow of Lily James and Alicia Vikander. The make up itself lasted quite a while (the photo beloe was taken about seven hours later on a train journey to Liverpool) and although I was disappointed by one or two products which didn’t really live up to the hype I must say on the whole I could confidently say I had a healthy and natural glow!

With thanks to Benefit Cosmetics and Boots!

Chelsea x



Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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