Remembering Rome Part One

Right now I’m on the couch with a cup of tea and a packet of golden crunch creams, so glamourous right?! 

However, this summer I did actually move myself! It started with me and my boyfriend Jake sitting in my cold and damp student bedroom planning a trip together. One place I’d always wanted to go was Italy, a place full of passion, peroni and pizza. Honestly, my idea of heaven! 

So we pulled together all we had left of our student loans and booked a trip to Rome. Since we were still students we did everything on a budget, we’re talking ridiculously early in the morning flights, a basic bed and breakfast and of course, the student essential massive backpack! 

The cheapest airport we found for flights was Gatwick so this meant a four hour long coach ride from Cardiff to London. Luckily we have a friend who lives in the big smoke so we happily spent the day catching up with her before catching another coach from London Victoria to Gatwick. Our flight was at six in the morning so we had about five hours to kill waiting around in the airport before we could even check in. In hindsight, I think It would have been better and far more comfortable had we checked into a hotel at the airport to get some proper shut eye. The airport wasn’t the easiest place to try and get some sleep in. Nevertheless, once we were on the plane we both dozed off. 

As it was our first time in Rome and didn’t really know the transport very well, we had arranged a lift to our b’n’b with them directly meaning it was as stress free as possible. The driver we had was called Antonio and he was absolutely lovely. A proper Roman gent, it was baking there and he was immaculately groomed in his suit with his hair gelled back. As far as airpirt pick ups go this was the most sophisticated one I’ve ever had, we’re talking Mercedes here guys. The car journey was about thirty minutes long and we spent most of it listening to Antonio’s stories about Rome and his family. Italians love a good chinwag! 

Our hotel was a modest bed and breakfast but one thing I really loved about it was how genuinely Italian it felt. It was on the third floor of a apartment block building and had a courtyard with balconies and loads of washing lines in the centre. I actually pinched mysrlf when we walked through.  

San Daniele Bundi House was actually a really good value for money guest house that happened to be just down the round from the colosseum and the staff were amazing. When we checked in we were presented with a map of the city and a little guide to all the areas.  The map came in so handy because we ended up walking everywhere! After having a little freshen up we hit the streets of Rome! Our first port of call was the Colosseum and Roman Forum, mainly because it was so near and we were pretty knackered! 

The forum was absolutely amazing full of historical ruins which Jake loved. I couldn’t get over how old some of the ruins and statues were and how they had lasted so long! However, one thing that really put a downer on the day was the heat and the fact that I had a urine infection meaning I had to go the loo practically every five minutes. FYI, there are like no toilets in the Roman Forum! 

By the time we eventually got to the colosseum it was a lot later in the day so the queues weren’t as long it was still just as roasting though. One thing I remember being grateful for was the makeshift mobile toilets inside, I tell you such wonderful things don’t I?  After I once again visited the loo we ascended the stairs to the top level. Now, I’m not just saying this but MY GOD! Romans must have been bloomin’ fit back in their day. The stairs are so steep and huge it was like doing a full on cardio sesh! Also, it wasn’t exactly easy on the bladder. It was worth it though, being in one of the wonders of the world. My boyfriend being the history lover he is couldn’t help but give me a lecture on the place as we walked around, I didn’t mind though I found it all very fascinating to be honest. 

Jake decided a picture with me was far too painful. Anyways, after all our sightseeing we rewarded ourselves with a drink.  

In the evening we had a little wander around the local area and nightlife which seemed to double as the student area not that we had any problem with that, as it meant it was pretty cheap! We ended up in this little and crammed bakery which sold pizza by the kg! It was crazy! I also spotted these amazing doughnuts which had a sort of tomato and herb sauce on top of them, they tasted soooooo gooood! 

To finish off and in true Chelsea and Jake style we ended up finding a little Irish bar down a back street and had a drink there before we head back to the guest house for a good nights sleep! So wild! 

Anyways that’s all for now on Rome, join me next time for another Roman post were there shall be an awkward conversation with an Italian pharmacist, Me and Jake getting casually conned by a gladiator, then getting merry with a bottle of rosé opposite the Pantheon and of course, eating tremendous amounts of gelato, YUM! 

Lots of love, 

Chelsea x


Author: Chelsea Thompson

Liverpool based Scriptwriter, Script Reader and Script Consultant. Offering feedback and helpful advice to all budding writers out there! As a fellow writer I know just how hard nailing that first draft can be, so instead of suffering in silence lets grab a cuppa and suffer together!

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