Exploring Liverpool: Ghetto Golf 

Happy Good Friday Everyone! 

I hope you’re all having a beautiful Easter weekend full of eating lots of chocolate! For this edition of my ‘Exploring Liverpool’ blog posts I thought I’d take advantage of all the amazing activity opportunities that Liverpool have on offer in the city centre, some wacky, some more laid back. 

One that really appealed to me was Ghetto Golf. It’s this amazing mini golf course inside an old Brewery warehouse that’s also a bar! You interested yet? 

All the holes are different, uniquely designed and brilliant. This activity is a great laugh with mates and a welcome change from the cinema, normal drinking and even just dinner. I managed to come last but I still had a fantastic evening with my friends. Anyways here’s some pics for you guys to have a looksie over! Also word of warning, some holes were slightly horror movie inspired! 

Ghetto Golf is £10 per person, not including drinks. You must be over 18. For more information: http://www.ghettogolf.co.uk/#overview

Exploring Liverpool: Hidden Food Gems in the city

Well hello there! 

Welcome to another ‘Exploring Liverpool’ post dedicated to my fabulous home city!

This week I’m focusing on food (my favourite thing!) and talking about two relatively new gorgeous food places that have taken the city by storm. I had the privilege of trying these new eateries out last weekend and I was very very impressed! 


Mowgli is an Indian street food specialist which has the whole city talking about it. It’s that popular with us scousers that the owner has given us a second one, right in the heart of the old town! 

The Eatery was founded and created by Nisha Katona and makes authentic Indian street food that is both satisfying and incredibly tasty. When I went with my boyfriend I was bit intrigued as to how the food would satisfy my own tastebuds having been used to very British curry houses. However, this place is just incredible. For starters, we decided to just try something completely out there. It was kinda like Bombay mix but wet and mushed yet it tasted sooo good! WARNING: if you guys want your typical onion bhaji’s this place will change your perception of Indian food forever. 

Then for mains we split a tiffin (proper Indian dinner ware) of Bombay Fries which were completely different from burning I had ever ate before (they shit all over sweet potato fries any day) and I had a tiffin of Paneer curry style dish all to myself. Oh My God!! The paneer melted in my mouth and gave me all the feels! And to go with it, we got puri breads which are like traditional savoury pancakes you sort of use like a spoon. Naan will never do it justice! I swear I was in food heaven. 

And I must say it was probably the best Indian I’ve had in a long time. 


Okay! Now the other amazing food place I tried, haha I swear It was like a weeekend of culinary adventures. However, it was French on Saturday.

Artisane is an established French patisserie in another part of Liverpool and always had the most amazing reviews so you can imagine how bloody excited I was when I heard we were getting one in the heart of the city centre! All the pastries and sweet treats are made by a French chef so you know you’re getting the real deal and it’s gonna be more authentic than a croissant from Tesco. I’ll admit something really naughty here, I’ve actually eaten here three time this week that’s how much I enjoyed it! I went alone on Saturday, took the boyfriend Sunday and then treated my Nanny to a pastry on Wednesday! So bad but so worth it! 

The first time I went I got a bear paw and a brownie. The bear paw was something I’d normally not try but since I was having a weekend of being adventurous I just went for it! 

It tasted beautiful, it tasted like how I thought France feels. Exciting, crisp and decadent. The ultimate French pastry! 

The second time I went I decided on something more savoury and got myself a Vegetable Pie. It was the nicest pie I’ve ever had! I know I say that about literally everything but this actually was. The crust to filling ratio was spot on and the pastry itself was just do crumbly and moist. Aaah!! I want another!

And finally, the last time I went I tried a spicy veggie pastry which again was just amazing and then I finally tried my fave childhood pastry, Chocolate Eclair! Now this eclair was a little different as the cream inside was chocolate cream! It was a chocolate lovers dream come true in choux pastry! 

One thing I haven’t actually mentioned which is silly of me is how absolutely lovely the staff were in both places. I think this is important as nice and friendly staff really make your food experience all that more enjoyable! 

And there you go! Two new food places tried and tested and given my Chelsea seal of approval! One of my absolute favourite things to do is find new places to eat so I was so happy to write and ‘research’ this blog post for this week! 

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend whether you try new food places or not! 

Exploring Liverpool: Speke Hall 

Happy Friday Everyone! I thought today if start a new series of blog posts for the weekend. As much as I enjoyed doing my ‘Friday blogs’ I felt I was just repeating myself when I did my ‘Monday blogs’ two days later! So without further ado, I welcome you to the ‘Exploring Liverpool’ blog posts that will be posted every Friday in time for your weekend! 

I hope this post encourages you guys to go out and explore your own home towns a little more like I myself am aiming to do every weekend. 

Last weekend, me and the boyfriend went out to explore a very historical and popular national trust site called Speke Hall. 

It’s an absolutely gorgeous place that is literally just down the road! Whilst there we walked along the grounds of the hall, scared and laughed ourselves silly whilst on the interactive giants walk, messed around in the worst maze I’ve ever seen, ate the most amazing hot scones ever and jumped over quite a high muddy wall! 


Speke Hall is part of the National Trust: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/speke-hall-garden-and-estate 

Scriptwriting Opportunities for New Writers

As you guys know I’ve been a screenwriter now for about seven months and don’t get me wrong they’ve been pretty hard going! But once I had my first script under my belt I felt ready to go out into world of TV writing and kick arse!

In these last seven months, I think I’ve been on the majority of scriptwriting courses that are on offer to new emerging writers in the UK. Some of them, were amazing and I met some brilliant writers and learnt so much. Others….nawtt so much! If anything I just felt like I was literally throwing my precious money away.

Anyway I thought I’d present this little guide to going after opportunities as a scriptwriter to you guys so hopefully you can go after similiar opportunities and get value for your pennies!

Scriptwriting Opportunities that I found valuable:-

Scriptwriting North

Scriptwriting North is a fantastic hub for all writers in the North of England. It’s run by a really lovely woman called Beth who told me about the masters course that I am now on. For me, this place was absolutely fantastic as they taught me everything I needed to know before setting down a writing my first script. I have attended two ‘courses’ with them, one was a intensive day course for beginners which was a bloody brilliant day as it just gave me all the information I needed and in just one day! The second course was more like an intensive day of writing in various locations across Manchester but it was packed full of writing exercises, feedback sessions and food! If you live in the North and want to write, get in touch with Scriptwriting North.

BBC Writers Room

The BBC Writers Room is a great place with loads of resources for writers. The most amazing thing about the Writers Room is the extensive opportunities it provides for new writers on the scene. From it’s twice a year submission windows for drama and comedy writers to the external opportunities and competitions it posts on it’s ‘opportunities’ page. I also recently attended a free event in the BBC building in Salford with the Writers Room which had a Q&A with TV writer Sally Abbott. It was a lovely event and provided so much insight into the industry.

London Screenwriters Festival

This is like the holy grail for scriptwriters! Seriously! This event happens every year in London. Its a fantastic festival completely dedicated to all things scriptwriting that happens over the course of a weekend. Meet fellow writers, network, Q&A’s, pitch workshops, meet producers and so much more! The only downside for writers not based in London (such as myself) is the travel to London, the price of accommodation and then of course, the actual price of the festival itself. I couldn’t attend last year but I will definitely be attending this year, so will be blogging the entire weekend!

Scriptwriting Opportunities I regret paying for:-

Two Day comedy Writing Masterclass with Rob Grant

Okay, absolutely nothing against this course but I just don’t think it was worth the ridiculous price I had to pay! (£250, if your interested). It was run by Rob Grant, who was a writer and creator of a sitcom for a TV Series called Red Dwarf. Learning about how his career started and the in’s and out’s of what he knew was brilliant. However, the second day of the course, when he had to write a topical sketch show script for actors to perform that evening was totally pointless to me. I wasn’t interested in writing sketch comedy and if anything that’s the last thing producers want writers to send in to them.  If you’re in London though and interested in Sketch comedy then it’s right up your street!

And that’s it for now. I’ll do another writing blog post soon which will focus on writing competitions I recommend!

Good luck to you all and thank you for reading!


Beauty And The Beast in Birmingham!

If there’s one film that’s been in everyone’s minds these last few days it’s gotta be ‘Beauty And The Beast’. The highly anticipated remake of the Disney classic that stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as The Beast. Me, being a absolutely huuuuge Disney fan booked tickets to see the film as soon as I physically could. 

Me and my friend Tash decided to make a rather special occasion of it so I travelled down to Birmingham for some good old fashioned girl time! 

After a super early train, I met with Tash and we went for Breakfast together at Yorks Cafe. A gorgeous little cafe right by New Street Station which did the most delicious sounding breakfasts. Me and Tash opted for plain, old Jam and Sourdough toast with a cheeky glass of prosecco. 

After brekkie, we had a casual stroll around town and visited the beautiful Birmingham Cathedral. The lovely Dean had a little chat with us about the cathedral and she let us go right up to the stunning stained glass windows. After the Cathedral we made our way to the Art Gallery and checked out the Edwardian Tea Rooms, the architecture and design of the building made me feel like I was on The Titanic, it was so surreal.

After our cultural exploring we decided to get a few cheeky drinks before the film. We headed to The Alchemist for our first cocktail. I absolutely love the style of this bar and it’s menu is so original. You don’t just order a drink, you order a science experiment! I opted for the colour changing drink, which you pour yourself. It’s insane, you put the mixtures and all the dry ice froths over! 

After this, we then checked out The Jekyll and Hyde Pub for yet another cocktail! It was such a quirky and funky pub with a gin parlour upstairs and an insane Alice in Wonderland style beer garden! 

After all this exploring we were ready to sit back and relax. So we headed to the cinema. Tash recommended we The Empire Cinema in The Mailbox as it had sofas and waiter service meaning all’s we’d have to do is sit back and enjoy the movie in utter luxury. I really enjoyed the sofa seats in the cinema, it made the whole cinema experience so much more relaxing! Even the toilets were amazing, they reminded me of the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter! 

The film itself was absolutely gorgeous! All members of the cast were outstanding and despite my reservations over Emma Watson as Belle, she was brilliant! I was worried how the remake would match the original but it did it proud. A truly magical and enchanting Disney musical that was so stunning it looked like I was watching moving art! 

So in true Beauty and the Beast style I’ll end my blog with these words, “Tale as Old as Time, Song as Old as Rhyme, Beauty and the Beast”

Beauty Treatments I Regret Paying For 

We’ve all had ‘beauty treatments’ that we thought would make us look a million pounds but then we left thinking it was just a massive waste of money. I’m no different, from a young age I’ve been trying out various treatments to see how they would alter my appearance for the better. From Microdermabrasion to Eyelash extensions, I’m gonna talk you lovely lot through some of my biggest and most expensive beauty mistakes!

Microdermabrasion- around £25 upwards- I was about 18 when I tried this treatment. I suffered from bad skin all through my teen years and decided enough was enough just before I went to university. I tried about three treatments before I felt like it was just a massive waste of money. Microdermabrasion apparently uses abrasive crystals to remove dead skin cells layer by layer which ultimately stimulates blood flow and encourages collagen and more elasticity to the skin. Personally, for me it didn’t work. I have quite oily skin anyway and it only improved with age and time if anything. However, I’m not saying it won’t work for you. I just think this treatment is more suitable for people with more mature skin who want to look a bit more ‘refreshed’.


Eyelash Extensionsaround £15 for weekend ones and £45 for semi permanent-Eyelash Extensions! Remember just a few years ago everyone went mad for having fake plastic lashes glued to their lids? I myself was no stranger to trying a few out. I tried out both weekend lashes and semi permanent ones. Although they made me look very fluttery when I had make up on, I’m felt I just looked a bit odd with massive eyelashes when barefaced. For me, the maintenance of the semi permanent ones was really unpractical with me needing a £20 or more top up every four to six weeks! The weekend ones usually only lasted a day or two. The beautician used to always say “Don’t get them wet and they’ll last longer” now I don’t know about you but I like to shower and wash my face every day so….

HD Brows- Around £25– HD Brows came about after everyone decided they wanted thick and hairy brows again. They were the answer and up until a year and half ago I was still getting this treatment done. I stopped because my Brow Technician moved away and after trying a few different people I saw no one who could do my brows the way she did and decided to leave them for a while. Another reason stopped, other than the expense was the fact that although my brows looked good after they were done and made them feel thick and groomed. After a few days they the tint wore off and the brow make up they put on fades and you’re left with brows that look just as thin! Trying to recreate the shape the technician gave you with your shitty Brow Pencil at home is never the same either! At the moment I’m letting my brows breathe and trying to encourage natural hair growth.

Acrylic Nails- £20 upwards– I  have tried Acryclic nails around four times in my life. Once when I had my school prom and another time at my 18th birthday. Needless to say they were the biggest pain in the arse ever! I just felt like I couldn’t do anything with them without scratching myself somewhere or getting bits caught in them. They also really damaged my actual nails which really pissed me off. I just felt a bit like Cruella De Vil in them. These days when I do treat myself I prefer to get a Shellac polish on my nails, it’s just like a nail varnish but lasts ages and doesn’t involve me stabbing my eyeball whenever I have an itch there.

Spray Tan- £10 upwards depends on the brand and salon– As soon as people sunbeds were told sunbeds could increase your chance of skin cancer everyone immediately looked for an alternative way to achieve that year round tan and that’s where the spray tan came from! At the time, the idea of spraying myself orange was quite appealing and I had one for my school prom in year 11. It was humiliating, standing in a booth topless whilst a woman sprayed me a gold colour. So embarrassing. I then had to wear my dads t-shirt and baggy shorts for the rest of the day whilst the orange crap dried on me and it was still patchy the next day! I swear pale is just as beautiful and a lot less hassle!

‘Active Pureness’ Facial-£45– Like I’ve already said I suffered with pretty bad skin in my younger years. Mind you, my skin still has bad days at the age of 22…. Anyway, I was recommended this facial after getting a shellac pedicure at this really posh beauty spa. The facial called ‘The Active Pureness’ facial was meant to exfoliate dead skin and help rid you of acne and blemishes. It also came with a very relaxing hot stone massage which was just heaven. Needless to say, the massage was beautiful but the facial was totally not worth the price!

And there go, my top pick beauty treatments that I believed were totally not worth the price mark! I hope this blog has proved useful to you all!


BBC Writers Room Event at Media City 

Well hello! 

On Monday I happened to attend my first ever BBC Writers Room event. It was specifically for scriptwriters in the industry and was absolutely fantastic as it gave me so much information and motivation to just get on my arse and write! 

It was a good opportunity to network with brooms BBC people, such as the head of the northern writers room and other writers. It was also a chance to have a sneaky look inside the BBC offices, which were so cool! Even if I did have to have an airport style security check before I got in! And I also got to wear a badge with my name on which made me feel so professional!

 The event was a Q&A with writer Sally Abbott whose written everything from Eastenders and Casualty to her own award winning afternoon drama called The Coroner. She gave us so much information including how she started out in the industry herself and how she goes about her writing process. 

For me personally it was so motivating to be in a room full of writers and inspire each other. Also, Sally’s experience and expertise was invaluable advice and guidance which has really give me the kick up my arse I needed for my writing.